Do Not Let Politics Divide You President Jammeh Tells Gambians

Do Not Let Politics Divide You President Jammeh Tells Gambians



The party leader and founder of the ruling Alliance for Patriotic Re-orientation and Construction (APRC) part has called on Gambians to be mindful of politics, further advising people not to allow politics divide them.

“Campaign and vote peacefully for whoever you want to vote for and then go home and wait for the results. Ignore whosoever insults you, just try to recognise the person and live him with God,” the President advised.

The Gambian leader, His Excellency Sheikh Professor Alhaji Dr Yahya AJJ Jammeh Babili Mansa, made remarks, while addressing multitudes of APRC supporters and militants in Wassu, Central River Region on day three of his nationwide tour.

To students, The Gambian leader promised that whoever perform well in his/her Grade 12 in this coming academic year would be among the first beneficiaries of the 2018 free university education programme in The Gambia.

do-not-let-1“University in The Gambia will no longer be what you have, but what you know.”

The President swore to the Holy Quran that in two years from now or may be even less than that Gambians will see western refugees in this country.

“If you know what Allah has given us in this country you wouldn’t want to go out of this country,” he told a cheering crowd in Wassu.

Professor Jammeh further told the meeting that the results of the 2016 election would be a determinant for those who want development and retrogression.

“I am not forcing anyone to vote for me but the economic superpower status I have been talking about lies  on this upcoming election,” he said.

Balla Garba Jahumpa, Minister of Works and Transport, who also doubles as the APRC campaign manager, reminded the Wassu meeting that voting for Jammeh and APRC party means voting for development and more progress.

The outspoken Action Man as he is called condemned politics base on tribal line, noting that President Jammeh is brought by Allah to develop the country for the benefit of all.

Hon. Benjamin Roberts, Minister of Tourism and Culture, who is also the liaison officer for APRC in CRR, called on the people of CRR to go out in numbers and vote massively for the APRC.

He urged the youth to rally behind the President and take their rightful positions in the development of the country.

Minister Roberts further revealed that plans are underway to supply electricity to Panchang in Upper Saloum.

Alhaji Omar Khan, Governor of CRR told the Presidential delegation that they have toured the region thrice to discuss with the people on the upcoming election and the need to re-elect President Jammeh to continue developing the country.

Governor Khan promised that the people of his region will always be behind the President and the APRC party. “CRR is 100% behind Jammeh and it will be demonstrated come  December 1st polls.”

Pierre Bah, the Chief of Niani and Chief Malick Mbaye of Upper Saloum, both expressed gratitude to have President Jammeh in the region.

According to them, their districts and the entire CRR is fully behind Jammeh and will reciprocate his development initiatives by voting for him overwhelmingly.

“We will not replace Jammeh for any person,” Chiefs Bah and Mbaye told the meeting, adding that CRR is developing faster than expected.

Aji Yama Njie, a women leader applauded President for empowering rural women like no one has ever done before.

According to her, now people cannot differentiate between rural and urban women. “Election cannot remove you in power because you [President Jammeh] is with Allah and Gambians will continue to rally behind you,” she told the meeting.

Sanusi Drammeh, who defected from the opposing UDP Party to the ruling APRC party, said he regretted all the years he has been supporting UDP.

According to him, he has now realise the truth and he will forever remain a supporter of APRC.

Drammeh praised the Gambian leader for being someone who is ever ready to share whatever he has with the people of this country.

do-not-let-3For Alhagie Secka, President Jammeh came to free Gambians from all forms of slavery. “Only God can reward you [Jammeh] because you have done what is expected of you [as a leader]. Even the dumb and deaf knows very well that President Jammeh is developing the country.”

Alhaji Doro Bah, Lower Saloum APRC constituency chairman; Honorable Habsana Jallow of Nianija Constituency and Wassu alkalo, Bajanga Juwara, all saluted The Gambian leader for greatly transforming the lives and livelihood of Gambians.

Details of the President’s statement in Wassu will come in our next publication.


by Musa Ndow & Alieu Ceesay on Tour