DOA’s Deputy Director Calls for Collective Effort to Fight Poverty

DOA’s Deputy Director Calls for Collective Effort to Fight Poverty




The Deputy Director General of the Department of Agriculture (DOA) Sariyang Jobarteh, has called for collective effort in the fight against poverty.

“Fighting poverty is not an easy task, it is a very important task that needs to be in a form of collective effort; that means every hand must be on deck in ensuring that we are all together in the same direction,’’ Jobarteh, who was speaking on Sunday at the Model Horticulture Centre in Wellingara, during the 4th Annual General Meeting of Agricultural Workers’ Association Cooperative Credit Union (AWACCU), told members.

“Poverty is an illness, is a disease and inability to develop; therefore, to fight this it must be a concerted effort because one person cannot confront it.”

Jobarteh expressed delight at the level of  enthusiasm in his fellow cooperatives.

He assured that the Ministry of Agriculture and the entire technical institutions under his Ministry will collaborate to create an environment which is conducive for sensitisation and more recruitment for AWACCU membership. “It will also ensure that maximum cooperation that is among the workers is enhanced to a degree that the institution is of equity, transparent and accountable to become the cornerstone of our operation,” he said.

“The very most important reason for the formation of cooperatives is to fight poverty. We must therefore, join with Government in complementing their efforts through the creation of cooperatives to ensure that poverty is downgraded and that everyone is participating in the fight against poverty at the level of membership.’’

He noted further that the contribution of AWACCU can go further to help the Government comfortably in taking on the challenges presented to them.

by Omar Wally