Double Trouble Unveils Debut Single

Double Trouble Unveils Debut Single

Double Trouble, a Sierra Leone duo singers, songwriters, producers and performers currently based in The Gambia on 24 September, 2016 released their debut single entitled “Bagass” meaning (luggage).

Double Trouble is formed by two vibrant and talented artistes; namely Ebrima Ceesay alias Max and Kebba Jafunneh alias Kebz. The single was recorded at Massive Music and mixed and mastered by DJ Hapkim in Nigeria.

Speaking at a recent press briefing, Max, one of the members of Double Trouble told journalists that the single depicts the beauty of Gambian woman and African woman at large. “It portrays the beautiful curve of an African woman and her beauties to the world,” he explained.

“We have been researching music for so long and now we feel that this is the right time for us to appear in The Gambian music scene,” he said.

Lui Mendy, Double Trouble manager, said “We are unveiling Double Trouble in Gambian music and the world at large.They are two hardworking young talented artistes that people should look out for in terms of their lyric contents”.

Mendy thus called on Gambians to expect more from these young artistes in terms of releasing songs and stage performances.

Yusuf Tula, Double Trouble’s promotional manager, said they are not eying Gambian music scene alone, but international markets including Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Europe and America.

“We are urging Gambians to expect quality music from us in our quest to entertaining and educating the world audiences,” he said.

After a lot of hard work, focus and dedication their first single “BAGASS” dropped on 24th September 2016.