Dynamism of a Sarahuleh Association: Soninkara Clocks 10

Dynamism of a Sarahuleh Association: Soninkara Clocks 10

The Sarahulleh Youth Development Organisation (SYDO), a youth-led development organisation, that was set up by the Sarahulleh community within and outside the country to actively participate in the development process of The Gambia and uplift Soninkara all over the world, clocked ten years this August.

Celebrating this milestone, the President of the Organisation, ML Juwara, in a Facebook post on the Organisation’s Group Page, stated that some ten years ago, an extremely special woman gave birth to the SYDO that was set to celebrate and uplift Soninkaras around the world. He added that they are thankful and grateful to God, as they dedicate this special day to their forefathers for raising them.

“Our life has never been perfect, but we have so much to be appreciative of, to make us never dwell on our mistakes, shortcomings and mishaps, as we always use them as reference points in trying to become a better organisation,” ML Juwara posted.

The President concluded his statement by solemnly asking for forgiveness from any individual or organisation that SYDO has ever offended in anyway, adding that they have unreservedly forgiven anyone who has ever wronged them.

“We continue to humbly pray for you beautiful and kind people, who have given all your time to SYDO, we said thank you and we love you all,” he concluded.

by Hassan Jallow