Echoes from President Jammeh’s Nomination

Echoes from President Jammeh’s Nomination



Following his successful nomination, paving the way forward for President Jammeh for    another five-year term as President of The Islamic Republic of The Gambia, the Daily Observer has been sounding the views of Gambians and APRC supporters ahead of the December polls.

The President’s candidature was yesterday endorsed by the chairman of the IEC, Alieu Momar Njai. Tens of thousands of party loyalists and supporters stormed the Election House to witness the nomination of their party leader.

Mass Axi Gaye, the Gambia’s permanent representative at the African Union, said the President Jammeh has established himself so much so that they will beat whoever challenges them. “We are expecting huge victory because looking at the history of APRC the percentage always increases,” he said.

Col. Momodou Alieu Bah, the minister of Interior, said his message to people is to maintain peace during the election period. “We will not condone any act of violence from anybody; let people know that it is election, and not about violence.”

Yankuba Colley, the mayor of Kanifing, said as usual, what happened in 2011 will happen again come  December 1st 2016. “We have people and they are behind us, with all the noise is only 30 percent, 70 percent of Gambians are behind us,” he affirmed.

Alhaji Luntang Jaiteh the alkalo of Bakau, who doubles as the APRC constituency chairman in the town, said the gathering is a clear indication that President Jammeh will sweep the polls.

Hon. Fabakary Tombong Jatta, the National Assembly member for Serekunda East Constituency and Majority Leader of the House described the nomination event as unprecedented, but indicative of the fact that Gambians are no longer blind-folded and appreciate the efforts of the Party leader from the dawn of the Revolution to date.

“I am overwhelmed by the huge turnout and I can assure you that come  December 1st we will beat the Coalition to the maximum, but I will express gratitude to Gambians who appreciate the efforts of President Jammeh.”

The seasoned politician called for peaceful conduct before, during and after the election. “We will not tolerate people who want to distabilise this country.”

Hon. Babou Gaye-Sonko, nominated National Assembly member and the national youth mobiliser for the ruling APRC also spoke to the Daily Observer and said he was overwhelmed and proud with the massive response of Gambians to the nomination of President Jammeh. Victory, according to him, is a foregone conclusion as the youth are ready to give 90% victory to President Jammeh. “We will humiliate the opposition and they might even lose their D500, 000 deposits.”

Bafoday Touray, youth mobiliser for West Coast Region said Gambians will never change President Jammeh for any person. “This huge turnout is a clear manifestattion  of the appreciation Gambians have for President Jammeh.”

Ajaratou Jarreh Danso of Bakoteh Housing Estate said she was happy and proud to have joined the nomination of President Jammeh who she said has brought and continue to bring unprecedented developments to the doorsteps of all Gambians. “President Jammeh is the one who took me to perform the Hajj in Mecca and I will continue to support him.”

by Alieu Ceesay & Omar Wally