Education A Critical Component of Gambia-Venezuela Relations

Education A Critical Component of Gambia-Venezuela Relations



Education has been described as a critical component of the bilateral relations between the Islamic Republic of The Gambia and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

These remarks were made by the Venezuelan Ambassador to The Gambia, His Excellency Eduardo Medina Rubio. He was speaking at the Banjul International Airport on Saturday as he welcomed 33 Gambian students who completed seven-year medical degree programmes in the South American country. Of the 33 students, all but one studied for degrees in Medicine.

He added that the scholarship packages offered to Gambian students by his country will continue to help in strengthening the longstanding cooperation between the governments of the two countries. With the support and solidarity of the cooperation programme designed by the two countries, through the Africa Office of Venezuela’s Ministry of Popular Power for Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Rubio noted, it would also help young Gambians to excel in different areas of academic studies.

“Today is a special day, because these graduated students will be very important to The Gambia as they studied a very important area which is medicine,” he affirmed, noting that the students’ area of specialisation is a very important necessity in The Gambia.

Ambassador Rubio expressed hope that the students would give back to the people and government of The Gambia since a lot of energy and resources have been invested in them.

Representing the students, Mustapha G Njie and Masireh Darboe, thanked the governments of The Gambia and Venezuela for the opportunity to pursue an academic career in medicine.

“Though it was never easy on our side at the beginning, we later adapted to the ways and lives of the Venezuelan people,” Miss Darboe said, affirming their commitment to give back to the people and government of The Gambia.

by Arfang MS Camara