“Education is the Tool to Transform Life”

“Education is the Tool to Transform Life”

The founder and chairman of Back to School Foundation (BTSF), a non-profit charity in The Gambia has described education as the tool to transform life, affirming that the power of education has the potential to bring about more transformations.

Yaya Sillah, who was speaking in a recent interview with the Daily Observer, said his foundation is trying to provide educational sponsorship to orphans and children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

“We received requests from local schools and learning centres across The Gambia and Senegal, especially in areas where there is a desperate need for sponsors to offer financial help and educational equipment for students,” he said.

The foundation, he went on, is currently helping the community of Tallinding Medina to renovate one of their learning centres. He said the centre is intended to accommodate at least 249 students, who are currently living and studying the Holy Qur’an, English language as well as learning job skills with good manners at the centre.

“Additionally, we are helping them to build another small house in the same school which is going to be used as an office, library and a mosque.”

According to him, the foundation is also providing civic education programmes for students especially on the importance of cultural integration and education among others.

“We have been organising conferences in The Gambia, Senegal and the United Kingdom, where we engaged families and youths on the dangers relating to illiteracy, child labour, youth involvement in gangs and the general lack of discipline.”

Sillah noted that they are planning to offer more scholarships to children from poor and disadvantaged families so as to persuade them to aim for higher education up to university level.