Ex-Bar President: Keep the Legal Profession Honourable

Ex-Bar President: Keep the Legal Profession Honourable



An ex-president of The Gambia Bar Association has urged the newly enrolled legal practitioners to the Bar to keep the profession honourable by manifesting high sense of professionalism through their attitude, behaviour and relationship with those they come in contact with in relation to their work.

Sheriff Marie Tambedou, a senior private legal practitioner, gave this advice while addressing new lawyers at the recently held enrollment ceremony at the Judiciary complex in Banjul.

He stressed that they should be polite and need not to be arrogant as many others had been called before them. Tambedou further advised them to always prepare well before any assignment they undertake, whether going to court, giving advice or writing an opinion.

Tambedou further remarked that there is a very high standard of discipline and ethics that they need to observe and to maintain a professional code of conduct that should guide them inside and outside the court room; in their dealings with clients, and clients’ monies and property.

“There is a lot of trust in lawyers lay by clients, by innocent and ignorant people, by people who are desperate and in both positions of weakness, poverty, power and wealth; do not take advantage of their weakness, power, poverty or wealth. There are consequences, if you do. The General Legal Council will regulate your indiscretions and indiscipline; The Gambia Bar Association will denounce and sanction you, the police and law agencies will arrest and detain you, the government will prosecute you and the courts will imprison you, and you may be disbarred,” he warned.

Further in his advice, the ex-Bar Association president said if they behave and comport themselves as required they will be appreciated by their employers, which will bring them promotion and salary increment, and thus accord them great respect from their colleagues and the bench. He added that they will instill admiration and confidence from the public in their practice and competence which will do them a lot of good.

“There is so much false notion that to be a lawyer is to get rich quickly or get rich at all; this is false indeed because only hard work pays,” he concluded.

by Fatou Sowe