Gambians Making it in The Gambia

Gambians Making it in The Gambia

Expatriates from businesses of all shapes and sizes, come back home usually for one common goal, which is to share their commitment to promote businesses and contribute to youth employment of the country.

These personalities presented below are some of the Expatriate experts making it in The Gambia’s business community. Despite living part of their lives abroad to study they are back home to make things happen by contributing their quotas to development of the country.

Muhammed Jah – a huge Gambian businessman he studied Islamic Studies in Saudi Arabia and a degree in Electronics and Communications and Engineering at the University of Sierra Leone. Immediately after his university education he started a small business called QuantumNet Institute of Technology, where individuals, companies and government parastatal are trained on how to use computers.

Today, that small institute he started is one of the biggest institutes in The Gambia, graduating 100s of students every month.  He later invested in QCell, the first 3G mobile telecom company in The Gambia, which is one of the best GSM companies in the country.

Lamin Manga – a media specialist is the CEO of Unique FM radio. He set up the radio station after his graduation from the Manchester College of Arts and Technology, United Kingdom. He is one the personalities that encourages young musicians to reach their goals and achieve their dreams.

Manga has a wealth of experience in broadcasting and he was one of the most loved news personalities during the early days of the Gambia Radio and Television Services (GRTS).

Fatim Badjie – a communication expert is the founder and CEO of Ace Communication Executive which was set up in 2009. The young female entrepreneur who studied Mass Communication at Nashville, Tennessee State University’s success can be tied down to her confidence, dedication and self-esteem.

Abdou Karim Waagan Fye – he was born in Banjul and raised in Pipeline, he studied in USA. He came home in 2007 and got straight into the music business. Waagan together with his business partner Xmyls started the Black Lynx is a famous entertainment industry, the monthly Open Mic and the annual Open Mic Festival which are some of the programs they do.