Fans Frown At Serekunda East’s Poor Performances

Fans Frown At Serekunda East’s Poor Performances




The fans of Serekunda East team have criticised the coach and team members following the team’s bad performances in the 2016 zonal.

The highly-rated zone drew three games against Gunjur, Bakau, and Brufut and won against Sukuta.

The dissatisfied fans expressed their anger towards the players and the coach for not giving them the desired results.

Fans blamed the coach Lamin Dugal Jammeh for changing his squad that won the opening game against Sukuta.

fansIn an interview with Observer Sports, Lamin Ceesay, a Serekunda East fan and a keen SESDO football follower said with the kind of performances by the players so far in the tournament he is not sure whether Serekunda East will even make it to the semifinal or the final.

“The problem is that Dugal should not change the winning side. The rotation of players in the team is making them play very bad,” Ceesay opined.

Ya Fatou Gaye, another Serekunda East fan urged the Serekunda East head coach to put back the winning team.

by Arfang MS Camara