Featuring Gambia’s Reggae Ambassadors: The Born Africans

Featuring Gambia’s Reggae Ambassadors: The Born Africans



Born Africans is a Gambian phenomenal rap group, perhaps best remembered for their hits songs like “Praises”, “Babylon The Still”, “No More War” and “No Camouflage Feeling” and the list goes on. The crew till today is regarded by many music enthusiasts as one of the finest rap groups to come out of The Gambia, thanks to their distinctive musical prowess.

Formed in 1998-1999, the 4-member crew; namely -Dr. Shaka, Ras Pyton, Ranking Fire and Biggi, for several years, have taken the country’s entire music scene by storm.

It is interesting to state that the 90’s also marked a great turning point, especially in the promotion of The Gambia urban rap music. The emergence of this rap group on the music stage has enabled them to amass a number of fans thus inspiring many Gambian fans to be proud of their own talents.

Coming at a time when the country newly opened its national television, The Gambia Radio & Television Services (GRTS) (in 1995), also helped many rap groups to attract huge fan base, thanks to their constant features on the state TV. Although, they came at the time when the country’s music landscape was virtually dominated by foreign music, the Born Africans (and other groups) were able to change the status-quo, thus giving Gambian homemade music a fresh lease of life. Other rap groups at the time include: “Pencha Bi”, “Dancehall Masters”, “Masla B”, “Da Fugitives”, “Inspector Chow Panachie” and the list continues. These groups were best renowned for blending hip-hop with reggae, rap-mbalax, salsa, dancehall and other genres of music to create exciting music.

Despite the stiff competition at the time among different rap groups, the Born Africans was able to stand the test of time and continues to shine and in fact rise higher beyond borders. Their versatility and creativity make their songs very distinctive.

The Gambia enjoys a current influx of exciting talent, but these sensations are benefiting from the path that Born Africans and other pioneers paved.

Suffice it to say, the crew like other rap groups were united with a common objective that is to inject positivity into Gambian reggae dancehall music, thus promoting the country’s music beyond boundaries.

Following their rising success, the group was able to consolidate the gains made and they virtually performed in all corners of this country.

After years of their presence on the country’s reggae dancehall scene with two of their best albums; namely “Praises” and “No More War”, the group is still committed to promoting reggae music and The Gambia to the wider world.