Featuring Jah Micheal: Dancehall Artiste

Featuring Jah Micheal: Dancehall Artiste



Born Jacka Sambou but widely known by his music sobriquet Jah Micheal, he is a Gambian reggae dancehall star, who from an early age fell in love with reggae dancehall. His early influence was natural but also he benefitted from listening to the uplifting vibration of veteran reggae stars like Bob Marley, Petah Tosh, Lucky Dube among others.

Having started his music career some 15 years, Jah Micheal has been featured in a number compilation riddims such as Smiling Coast Riddim, the Guidance Riddim and the Promised Land Riddim just to name a few. His track featured on the Smiling Coast Riddim compilation is one of the hit tracks and since its release it has been well received by his fans in the reggae since internationally with airplay all around the globe.

Over the years, he has proven his ability to seamlessly blend reggae and dancehall in a creative and refreshing style. He writes his own lyrics, all infused with positive message of hope and determination.

This talented voice is surely an artiste to look for in 2016 and beyond. He is undeniably one of the country’s dancehall most sought-after. The self taught musician and singer has a clear mission in music through which he promotes positivity, peace and unity.

“My target is to promote godliness and positivity through my music. Over the years, I have performed international shows like the one in Senegal, Dakar and I was also featured in a number of gigs especially for GSM Companies in the country,” he added.

The reggae star as far as his approach towards his music is concerned is poised to be a dominant force in 2016 and beyond. Currently, he has received and continues to receive more love from fellow artiste, especially in mage event like the Reggae Kunda and other festivals in the country.

Besides, he played in almost all the hotel in the country, something that shows his versatility to entertain any type of crowd.

“My vision is to see the country’s music industry grow bigger and to promote positive change in society for the benefit of the young generation. I must say the country’s music scene is growing but is a bit slow,” he added.

Over the years, he has served as an inspiration to scores of young talents including Sparklyn Black and Royal Messenger.

Currently on an array of projects, Jah Micheal is also working on his debut album and shaping his sound to let the world know that the sky is just the beginning for him.