Featuring Sparklyn Black

Featuring Sparklyn Black



Rising dancehall artiste-Sparklyn Black is one of the country’s finest dancehall stars, who is committed to promoting his music internationally. The young sensation since he released his second hit single entitled ‘Strong Man’, is showing no sign of slowing down.

Born Muhammed Sillah, the upcoming star has over the years made giant strides to push his music to another level. The songwriter, researcher and performer is now focusing on new projects where he will work with promoters, journalists, music and film producers as well.

In one of his earlier interviews with What’s On, Sparklyn Black said he has so far produced two promotional singles entitled ‘Work away’ produced by Sunland music in 2014, featuring another Gambian female sensation- Sambou Suso.

His latest album entitled, ‘Strong man’ was produced by Reason Yard Records.  “The song is timely as it is talking about the illegal migration as our young African sons and daughters continue to die in this perilous journey in search of greener pastures. The Mediterranean Sea has now become a graveyard for many young Africans. We as Africans need an alternative measure to reset the mindset of our goals and target and authorities also have to address this dangerous journey.

The star singer is also currently working on numerous projects in his bid to promote his music to the world music scene.