Featuring T Smallz; Phenominal Dancehall Star  

Featuring T Smallz; Phenominal Dancehall Star  



Ebrahim Suso aka Trobul Smallz no doubt is one of The Gambia’s astonishing reggae dancehall cum hip-hop stars in recent years. He was born on the 9th of August 1986 into the legendary griot family also known as ‘Jalos’ in Mandinka.

Prince Talib as fondly called is the grandson of the late Alieu Suso, a renowned Kora maker and player in The Gambia and the sub-region in his generation.  Credited as a game-changing artist especially in the hip-hop domain, T Smallz grew up in the coastal town of Bakau. Due to his creative style, he has managed to horn his skills as a phenomenal instrumentalist cum rapper.

At a very tender age, he developed keen interest in music by then all what he found around him were local instruments of different kinds such as Kora, ‘Djembeh’, ‘Balafon’ which he later learnt how to play under the watchful eyes of his grandpa.

A onetime avid soccer player as he was once drafted into The Gambia U-15 national team, T Smallz took a bold move and ventured into the music business by starting to record professionally. His first song ‘Rise n Shine’ was recorded and produced at Adent Studios in Bakoteh now made popular by T. Smallz and his rap peers as BK City, where he now lives with his parents and siblings.

Since then one-hit song follows another and his super hit masterpiece entitled ‘Gis Nga Yow’ featuring one of The Gambia’s finest sensations- Marion and Tam 50 dominated the airwaves and night joints around the country.  The release of this song ‘Gis Nga Yow’ was a huge success and fans both young and old always shout-out ‘Gis Nga Yow’ whenever the singer is in sight.

Following huge success of this hit song ‘Gis Nga Yow’ and several others like ‘Ring On Ya Finger’ featuring Rugie, ‘God’s Will’ featuring Pa Omar Jack and ‘Wahang Baneh’, the phenomenal star went on to release a mixtape which was a huge success especially among school going peers and in the streets.

Since then, his status and reputation catapulted as the true prince of hip-hop arena in The Gambia. Over the past years, T Smallz staged numerous concerts in a number of countries including UK, Holland, Belgium, Germany, the Scandinavia region and Nigeria.

In one of his interviews with What’s On, T Smallz revealed that his tour to Holland, Belgium and Germany was basically to connect with other producers and other people who are connected to music. The tour he went on, availed him the opportunity to interact with more experienced people in the field of music in a bid to catapult his career internationally.

Beside, he is also featured on several ‘Riddims’ and performed duets with a host of other artists, most notably on the very successful ‘Hypnotize’ song by Sing-A-Teh aka Freaky Joe from his much acclaimed ‘Rejoice’ album just to name a few.

Over the past years, his music continued attracting more fans especially his famous single ‘Dallu’ which is still a hot cake among music enthusiasts. Formerly of the Zion Yard Music Family of Bakoteh (BK City), T Smallz is now under his own management called- The KATATO Entertainment.