Can you get a job at FIOHTG without being recruited by the HR Office? Can you get promoted on the job at FIOHTG without the HR Office appraising your job performance? Can any other office, for example, the office of the Country Director at FIOHTG, terminate your service at FIOHTG without consulting with the HR Office? NO to all three questions. This shows how important the HR Office is at FIOHTG in terms of serving as the foundation for the operation of the whole organization. Well, that is my thought. You might have a different view!!

The HR Office was established at FIOHTG on 1st March, 2015 and it has been headed by Mrs. Jainaba Sarr Sabally. Or, shall I address her as Ms. Jainaba Sarr because of gender empowerment these days? I address her interchangeably! Why was the HR Office not established well before 2015 since FIOHTG was established in 1979 in The Gambia? Well, the Swedish founders of the organization at that time thought that setting up an HR Office could have created another bureaucratic layer on the organization. That was their thinking then but now generations have changed and the demand for FIOHTG services has also grown! Therefore, the new FIOHTG Strategic Plan has recommended creating an HR Office in 2015.

Among other office functions, the HR Office is responsible for (a) leading the process of hiring staff, (b) monitoring staff compliance issues, (c) managing staff performance, (d) upgrading staff welfare, (e) networking with potential development partners, (f) upkeeping and safe-guarding staff confidential files, (g) overseeing the Service Unit at FIOHTG, (h) internal and external communications.

If you are a staff at FIOHTG and you want to discuss about a management issue that impacts you personally, just drop by the HR Office and talk to them. They (the HR Office) have an open-door policy with FIOHTG staff, irrespective of your rank. Even though with the open-door policy, the HR Office is always mindful that the policy of the organization comes first before any individual welfare. This means that the HR Office will not violate the organization’s policy guideline for the sake of meeting the personal interest of a staff member.

What are the future plans of the HR Office? (a) Putting policies together and making sure that those policy objectives are realized, (b) Complete the provision of reading materials for a new Resource Center at FIOHTG Headquarters that serves both research and reference purposes, (c) Automating the whole HR Office functions, etc.

Advice to FIOHTG staff: (a) There is room for professional development and organizational growth at FIOHTG, (b) Focus on the Mission of FIOHTG, and (c) Community needs are FIOHTG’s top priority.

More information on FIOHTG will come your way in our subsequent editions. Keep reading!!

Sidat Yaffa, Ph.D.

On Sabbatical Leave

Contacts: Website – www.fioh.org; Email – office@fioh.org; Tel. – 4460363/4466868