First Lady and Social Activities

First Lady and Social Activities


In our last editorial, we wrote about the First Lady of the Islamic Republic of the Gambia’s Foundation and how issues that are geared towards the empowerment of children and women are dear to the heart of the mother of the nation.

The First Lady is evidently not someone to be content with the comfort of her air-conditioned room at the seat of power. We have seen her involved in multiple social activities that sometimes require her to walk under the burning sun to get to some hard-to-reach communities so as to interact with Gambians of diverse cultures and backgrounds.

These activities by the First Lady require  collaboration from every Gambian and non-Gambians alike, and this is why we would like to extol Princess Haya Bint al Hussein for her pledge to give a staggering US$500,000 to the Foundation as her contribution to its fundraising gala dinner.

This is highly commendable and we would like to urge everyone to emulate the Princess for if we invest in our children and women, it is as good as laying a solid base for sustainable development.

It is through similar donations to the Foundation, led by President Jammeh, that the First Lady was able to send seven Gambian children to undergo successful lifesaving heart surgeries in Israel. It is true our support that the First Lady after successfully leading the campaign to end child marriage in The Gambia her Foundation decided to send several girls back to school who were victims of early and forced marriages.

Imagine the kind of positive impact this has already made on those girls and their families and it is only Allah SWT who knows what they would become in future. But equally, we would never know what would’ve become of them without the intervention of the First Lady. Therefore, we say thank you madam Zeinab Jammeh.