Foni Kansala Declared ‘No Go Area’ for Opposition

Foni Kansala Declared ‘No Go Area’ for Opposition




The people of Foni Kansala District of the West Coast Region have declared the area as a no go zone for the opposition.

Speaker after speaker in a meeting held in Bwiam pledged a hundred percent vote for the APRC in the December presidential polls.

Foni Kansala District is one of the nine Districts of the West Coast that plays host to the President, founder and party leader of the Alliance for Patriotic Re-orientation and Construction (APRC).

The alkalo of Bwiam in his welcome remarks said the people of his village know no other candidate other than President Jammeh. “Foni has never opposed the incumbent and for 30 years we have supported Jawara, we are not tribalists,” he said, adding that the APRC is formed based on the principle of truth and nothing else.

Alhaji Youba Jarjue the ward councilor said the people of Foni will never betray President Jammeh. He said those who know Foni before 1994 and today will know that President Jammeh has done a lot for them. “We have the best electricity and pipeborne water,” he said.

The constituency women mobiliser, Batorr Ceesay thanked the people of Foni Kansala and West Coast Region in particular for their massive show of solidarity to President Jammeh. She said the turnout to Welcome President Jammeh as he enters West Coast will be translated into votes come December 1. She also commended individuals who have always supported them in their programmes.

Arafang Jammeh, the APRC constituency chairman Foni Kansala and Sa-Demba Faal both spoke at the gathering and pledged their continued support to the APRC party.

Speaking earlier, the chief of Foni Kansala, Birom Camara reflected on how President Jammeh came to power. He said Foni have never opposed the incumbent and the present opposition will not be the first to garner a no vote in Foni. He expressed gratitude to President Jammeh for sponsoring people to perform the fifth pillar of Islam in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


by Musa Ndow &

Alieu Ceesay