Fortune FC Clinch A2 Justice National football championship tournament



Farato-based Fortune FC was on Sunday crowned champions of the Access to Justice National Football Championship following a 2-0 win over Kwinella FC in a well-contested final played at the Soma Mini Stadium, Lower River Region.

As champions, Fortune FC went home with a giant trophy, a cash amount of D40, 000 and two footballs. Kwinella FC who emerged as runners-up received D30, 000 and two footballs, while a cash amount of D10, 000 went to Diabugu Batapa FC as third place.

Bully Dahaba of Fortune FC was named the best player of the tournament and as such received D5, 000 and a pair of football boot. Sulayman Krubally of Diabugu Batapa FC was voted the best goalkeeper of the 4-day tournament and therefore pocketed home D5, 000 and a pair of football boot.

Modou Senghore of Fortune FC received D5, 000 as the leading goal scorer of the tournament.

Diabugu Batapa FC were rewarded with a cash amount of D5, 000 as the most discipline team while Kwinella FC walked home with the best fan base award of D5, 000.

The goal of the tournament was to enhance access to justice through civic and legal education and the provision of information available justice mechanisms.

It also seeks to promote public awareness on civicrights and duties, awareness on the obligations of law enforcement agencies, disseminate knowledge and enhance confidence in the tripartite justice system.

It was piloted in three different regional namely: Brikama of West Coast Region, Kwinella in Lower River Region and Kuraw Arfang/Diabugu Batapa villages in Upper River Region.

by Lamin B. Darboe


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