GAF Intake 34 Passes Out

GAF Intake 34 Passes Out




The Gambia Armed Forces last Thursday held a passing out for its intake 34 after successfully completing a 28-week military training. The 34 intakes is rated qualify infantry combatants who choose to serve and defend the territorial integrity of their motherland. The ceremony was held at the July 22nd Square in Banjul.

Speaking at the ceremony, the Chief of Defense Staff (CDS) of The Gambia Armed Forces, Lieutenant Colonel Ousman Bargie, thanked their Commander-in-Chief and President, His Excellency Retired Colonel Sheikh Professor Alhaji Dr Yahya AJJ Jammeh, Babili Mansa and his Government for the great leadership and support he always extended to the Armed and security forces. He said without President Jammeh’s guidance, direction and support, they would have not been able to reach this far.

The GAF chief said the day’s ceremony marked another happy moment in the history of The Gambia Armed Forces, particularly the men and women who have just completed their basic military training. He said the figure represents a milestone achievement in their quest to address the much-needed human resources due to their increase commitment at home front and in the international arena.

He went on to say that the passing out ceremony marks the day when a recruit feels a sense of fulfillment, having being transformed from a civilian life to a walking trained soldier. “Serving your nation is a demanding mission with full of challenges. Military is a discipline and structured institution where you are expected to always exhibit high moral and professional standards and the job that you have chosen is a noble and challenging one because it requires lot of dedication, commitment and sacrifice,” CDS Bargie told the graduates.

He told the graduating men and women in uniform that there is no career that is more challenging or rewarding than serving in the military, telling them that during their service, they will have the privilege to defend their country.

Speaking on behalf of The Gambian leader, His Excellency Sheikh Professor Alhaji Dr  Yahya AJJ Jammeh, Neneh Macdouall Gaye, Minister of Foreign Affairs, said the graduates have undergone various training programmes that are relevant to the current and anticipated future engagements of the Gambia Armed Forces (military science, including minor tactics, field craft, map reading, combat, first aid, peace support operation and military Laws).

She took the opportunity on behalf of President Jammeh and the GAF Commander-In-Chief  to congratulate the graduates for their interest to serve in the force. She also thanked them for bearing all the difficulties to successfully complete their months of intensive training.

Minister Macdouall Gaye reminded graduates that reward lies mainly in the honour, pride, satisfaction with sacrifice and selfless service that they would be rendering in defense of their country and people.

by Jainaba D. Jatta