Gambia CCM Holds National Dialogue Forum

Gambia CCM Holds National Dialogue Forum




The Gambia Country Coordination Mechanism (CCM) for Global Fund, on Wednesday held a day-long interaction and dialogue meeting with its partners to share views and strategise as well as policy matters that affect their work on global fund missions to make sustainable differences in the fight against HIV/Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

GAMBIA CCM 2The CCM Global Fund is a contribution fund that has been put together by private sectors, governments, both local and European countries, to fight against HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

In The Gambia since 2002, Global Fund has been making a lot of impact, which is rated very high in terms of its success rate in the implementation of their programmes. However, all the proposals in The Gambia were successfully implemented in the country under the satisfactory rate from the Global Fund’s headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

The meeting brought together different stakeholders to collectively identify country needs, design programmes and oversee implementation process, to optimise delivery of care.

Speaking at the meeting, the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Health, Saffie Lowe-Ceesay said Global Fund recognises that only through a country-driven coordinated and multi-sector approach involving all relevant partners will additional resources have a significant impact on the reduction of infections, illness and death from the three diseases.

She added that a variety of actors must be involved in the development of proposals and decisions on the allocation and utilisation of the Fund’s financial resources, noting that to achieve this, the Fund expects grant proposals to be coordinated among a broad range of stakeholders, each with unique skills, background and experience through a CCM.

PS Lowe noted that the CCM will monitor the implementation of approved proposals and grants in the country, noting that the Global Fund grant agreement will therefore, expressly provide for the legal basis and authority to the CCM.

“Our Ministry is cognizant of the impact of Global Fund’s grant in The Gambia, especially in these three diseases,” she said. “Reports have shown a decline in Malaria infection, decreased in HIV/Aids infection and increase treatment success rate amongst TB patients.”

Yusupha Gomez, Vice Chairman of The Gambia CCM, said the forum will provide an overall view of Global Fund’s work to its impact, visibility and efficiency. He added that the specific objective of the meeting was to provide information as the coordinating body of the programme in the country.

He opined that the forum would also provide information on the work been carried out to the recipients in these three diseases. “According to our bylaws, is a necessity to be calling such meeting once in every year for members to interact and discuss about the challenges of these dangerous diseases,” he affirmed.

by Arfang MS Camara