Gambia-Cuba Relations Example of South-South Cooperation Ambassador Herrera

Gambia-Cuba Relations Example of South-South Cooperation Ambassador Herrera

The Cuban ambassador to The Gambia has stated that he will do his best to strengthen the already existing bilateral relationship, bone of friendship and fraternity between Cuba and The Gambia.

He added that for a very long time Cuba has received very strong support from The Gambia government, people, and strong movement of solidarity from the Association of Gambian Cuban Friends.

His Excellency Lázaro Herrera, who was speaking during an exclusive interview with the Daily Observer at the Cuban Embassy in Brufut, said the current state of relationship between the two countries is excellent, noting that the brotherly relationship is cemented by mutual respect.

“The Gambia and Cuba are two countries that have a very good coordination which is supporting each other on issues of common concern at international organisations,” Ambassador Herrera said.

On renewal of ties between the United States and Cuba, he welcomed what he described as the new period of relationship between the two neighbours. “The historical decision is as a result of a new attitude adopted by President Obama for recognising Cuba as a sovereign country and considering Cuba and government as equal which is very important in the cooperation.”

He said the United States of America and Cuba are neighbours and cannot avoid that and now that the ties are renewed they have to behave as neighbours and learn to live together in this 21st century.

“Our interest is to live in peace with our neighbors without any kind of pressure because Cuba is very important to live in peace in order to continue the process of trying to get better society and build the best future for Cuban people, but that does not mean we will sacrifice our sovereignty and self respect in order to live with a country that has to impose any kind of policy.”

He said the blockade had caused heavy damage to the Cuban economy, noting that in terms of finance, it has been valued at trillions of Dollars and many other aspects.

The full interview with Ambassador Herrera would be published on the Bantaba Column this coming Friday.

by Omar Wally