Gambia Set for Int’l Bird Festival 2016 Over 550 Bird Species in...

Gambia Set for Int’l Bird Festival 2016 Over 550 Bird Species in Gambia for Birders



As Destination Gambia is renowned for its colorful birds, international birders warming up for the maiden edition of The Gambia International Bird Festival 2016 will have a unique chance to discover some of the country’s bird spices.

TOURIST 1The event is slated to take place at Tendaba Camp from 21st to 25th October 2016

With lots of opportunities in abundance, the over 550 bird species in the country make it a must-visit destination especially for international birders in their search for distinct bird spices.

The event is organised by the Gambia Tourism Board (GTBoard) in collaboration with the Bird Watchers Association and Conservation Organisation, Department of Parks and Wildlife Management.

The venue, Tendaba, is a popular location for tourists and is situated in the heart of the countryside close to the country’s prime birding locations in the Lower River Region. The camp lies between Kiang West National Park and Baobolong Wetland Reserve. It is a very well-known destination for many birders especially those that have been visiting Destination Gambia for bird watching.

Tendaba Camp was established in the 70s and it is one of the first tourist camps in the Destination that attracts mostly birdwatchers and naturalists. In addition, the area is characterised by a broad tidal river bed, savannah swamp and mangroves. It is also a spot for short excursions and an ideal location for eco-tourists interested in wildlife. The area is not just ideal for seasoned birders, but also ornithologists and first timers interested in adventure.

For this upcoming International Bird Festival, The Gambia Tourism Board has put in place all requirements to make the event successful like other local and international events taking place in the Destination. Being a first timer, keen amateur or an enthusiast looking for particular and spectacular species, you do not need to travel far; all you need with regards to bird watching can be found in Destination Gambia.

Be part of this maiden edition of the festival, as it is a week of nature and bird watching that will feature a wide range of birding activities such as birding field trips, lectures/presentations/workshops and outdoor activities, entertainment among others.

TOURIST 2Like any other places, the festival will attract a number of professional bird watchers of all levels; from The Gambia, Europe and the world over, who will be ably supported by the well-known and respected local birders.

The Gambia International Festival 2016 main goal is to promote rural tourism development and as well support the protection and conservation of birds and their habitats.

It is going to be memorable as the country boost of over 550 bird species available in the Destination. These birds are all significant as most are rear to see in other destinations.


By Yunus Saliu