Gambia to Graduate from Developing to Middle Income Country PS Fadera

Gambia to Graduate from Developing to Middle Income Country PS Fadera

The Permanent Secretary at the Personnel Management Office (PMO) has asserted that the government of The Gambia under the leadership of President Jammeh has put together quite a number of development initiatives to graduate the country from being a developing to a middle income country.

Dawda Fadera, who made these remarks recently at the Management Development Institute (MDI), during the closing ceremony of a Performance Appraisal Management and Improvement Training for senior public servants, cited Vision 2020 and PAGE II as examples of such initiatives .

PS Fadera said the idea is to make life easy for everybody and ensure that quality service delivery is standard and make sure that Gambians live in peace and dignity. For that to happen, he added, the onus lies on Gambians, because people will not come outside and do that for us.

He said the capacity of the public service needs to be built but was quick to note that no one knows that more than the government. He added that the capacity building programmes are the initiatives of President Jammeh. “It is important we work hard and improve because MDI will do its best and PMO will work with all other sectors to make sure that we spend the minimum resources available to ensure we built managerial capacity within the country,” PS Fadera said.

“You can attest to it that no one understands our problems than ourselves. If you bring someone outside from The Gambia to lecture on  the just concluded training he or she will tell you about values and solutions that may be viable for that particular outside country but they may not solve our problems here in The Gambia.”

PS Fadera said MDI has assets in the form of lecturers who are well experienced, seasoned and available that the participants can interact to share knowledge, experience and with determination they  can move their sectors to higher heights.

Alieu K. Jarju, the Director General of MDI, said capacity building is a key ingredient for national development as espoused in the national development blueprint Vision 2020. “So it is supposed to be the duty and responsibility for all of us to make sure that local training is given priority,” he said.

DG Jarju urged the particpants to be God fearing in executing their daily functions, and always belief that Allah (SWT) is in control. “Let us work as a team in moving the country forward and life will become very easy for us,” he concluded.

by Omar Wally