Gambia to Launch ‘Swim for Life Gambia’ Project Friday

Gambia to Launch ‘Swim for Life Gambia’ Project Friday




The Gambia Press Union in collaboration with the Red Dolphins and Life Guard Association, the Sports Journalists’ Association of The Gambia (SJAG) and the Gambia Swimming Association will Friday, August 19, 2016 launch a one-month swim project dubbed ‘Swim for Life’.

The project aims to train 25 children aged 8-16 on how to swim with the hope of saving Gambian children from the risks of drowning in sea.

“It is absolutely crucial that Gambian children know how to swim at a young age because there is water all around us and teaching them how to swim is essential to their safety,” said Sang Mendy, acting executive director GPU.

Swimming, he added, is an ideal sport for the well-being of one’s body in the long-run. “Aside from weight loss, introducing your child to swimming early on will promote a healthy life. Once he or she learns to swim, they may hop in a pool or in the sea at any point in their life without risk. Also if your child knows how to swim at a young age, this skill is forever be with them,” said Mendy.

Not only does this project aim to save children from drowning in the sea while enjoying themselves, the project also aim to develop professional swimmers for The Gambia for major competitions in years to come hence the catch phrase, “Catch Them Young.”

The month-long projects aims train many more Gambian children following the successful completion of this pilot project.

Trained coaches from The Gambia Swimming Association and the Red Dolphins and Life Guard Association members will provide training to the lucky one to be trained in this Swim for Life pilot project.

The venue for the project is at the Friendship Hostel Swimming Pool at the Independence Stadium in Bakau.

Interested parents can pick a form at Africell with Musa Sise, SJAG president for D10.

by Fatou Trawally