Gambian Election Cannot  be Rigged by Anybody – IEC Chairman

Gambian Election Cannot  be Rigged by Anybody – IEC Chairman




The chairman of Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), Alieu Momarr Njai has assured Gambians of a peaceful, transparent and fair electoral process. He said the Gambian election cannot be rigged by anybody, practically and academically.

He made this remarks on Monday afternoon at the IEC headquarters in Kanifing.

According to the IEC chairman, the electoral process will be fair and transparent before  polling starts as all the party agents and security personnel will ensure that the polling booths and ballot drums are totally empty.

“We have over 10, 000 people out there in the field who were randomly recruited, trained and posted to the different polling stations,” said Chairman Njai.

He also called for all parties to accept the outcome of the election. “When you win you know they [voters] voted for you but when you lose know they [voters] don’t vote for you,” he told reporters.

Malleh Sallah, the vice chairman of the IEC reminded the parties that they can campaign freely but there must be an environment of peace. “We are all Gambians and we are all here to see our country develop forward. In whatever we do we should think of The Gambia and therefore, we appeal to everybody to be respectful to the other candidates during your campaigns and to promote peace,” he said.

On his part, the GDC Party leader Mama Kandeh seized the opportunity to congratulate the IEC for the nationwide sensitisation on the upcoming election. “I fully concur with you [IEC chairman] and I don’t believe if there is any way of rigging election especially this coming election because we [GDC] have also been following the footsteps of the IEC and absolutely I have [so far] no problem with the IEC neither with the security,” he told the IEC chairman.

On the side of GDC, he assured that his party will be law-abiding and urged all parties to maintain the same spirit. “The election is just a number of days and is gone, but we are Gambians and we remain. Gambia is too small for us to create violence within and it is something we don’t need,” he concluded.

by Alieu Ceesay