Gambian Musicians Return Gratitude to President Jammeh

Gambian musicians have expressed their profound gratitude and appreciation to the Gambian leader for decorating them with National Honours. They were speaking in an exclusive interview with the Daily Observer yesterday.

The Awards, according to the musicians, have instilled in them encouragement to continue participating in nation building.

Jali Kebba Kuyateh described President Jammeh as a leader with substance, whose interest is centered on nothing but development. He added that the award is more than an achievement to them. “President Jammeh being the first person to award me, I will use this opportunity to express utmost gratitude and appreciation to him. This award will go a long way towards helping; it will serve as a source of encouragement in our career,” he said.

He further described himself as a great fan and a good friend of the President, which he said is as a result of his (Jali Kebba) patriotism and dynamism. “I will continue to rally behind him without anything distracting my loyalty,” he affirmed.

Bai Babou described the award as one of the greatest achievements in his career, saying it is a breakthrough that lifted him to a higher level. He added that receiving this award is another motivational means of developing them, saying it will give them the courage to work harder for the interest of the nation. “I must commend President Jammeh for this and I hope other people emulate him,” he noted.

Nyancho, aka Apachaki, applauded President Jammeh’s efforts in making them stand strong among their fellows in other countries. “President Jammeh is so supportive to the Gambian musicians. He has helped us, and still helping many more,” he added.

According to him, this award came at the right time, saying it will serve as a source of motivation and inspiration. He noted that looking at the award you will always wish to grab plenty of it.

“I am very grateful to the President for this initiative and pray that Allah (SWT) continue to bless his creative mind that is bringing these thoughts to put smiles on our faces,” he prayed.

Neneh Jali Suso also thanked the Gambian leader for decorating her with an award that she affirmed will serve as an encouragement and motivation to her career.

“Under President Jammeh’s dynamic leadership, Gambian artistes have achieved and enjoyed a lot. We thank him for taking us to another level and we will continue to work harder to make him proud. Long live The Gambia and its people,” she prayed.

by Modou Lamin Jammeh


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