Gambian Women Pledge Support to President Jammeh

Gambian Women Pledge Support to President Jammeh




The women of the country have unanimously pledged total support to the APRC party in the fourth coming December election. They were speaking to this reporter on Thursday at the Independent Electoral Commission Offices on Bertil Harding Highway where they accompanied the party leader and chairman of the APRC party for nomination.

Binta Jammeh Sidibeh the executive director of the Women’s Bureau expressed that President Jammeh needs no campaign in this year’s election. “We have witnessed over the years tremendous achievements in the history of women’s empowerment since the advent of the Second Republic.”

She highlighted that President Jammeh has done a lot for Gambian women since he came into power and first among the gigantic strides in the advancement of women by the APRC government is the appointment of a woman vice president who is the longest serving vice president in the world.

She further outlined that President Jammeh has women’s interest at heart and this he [President Jammeh] manifested by the enactment of various Acts in parliament such as the Women’s Act, Sexual Offences and Domestic Violence Acts, the Children’s Act among others.

“He is always committed to the empowerment of women and appointed them at decision making positions,” Madam Jammeh-Sidibeh said of the Babili Mansa

She continued: “We will vote for him massively,” she said, noting that the highest percentage of voters in the country are women and that they will get their husbands and children to vote for him, so we are telling him not to campaign, we will do all that is required because he has done enough for women in the country.”

For her part, Isatou Giffanga Jarju the national women mobilizer for APRC party said that Gambian women are prepared because they are highly empowered by President Jammeh. “If you look at the crowd most among them are women that shows how gratified the women are to President Jammeh.”

She indicated that Gambian women will ever be in support of President Jammeh as he have brought in unprecedented development to women and children in the country, adding that there are various structures of the party at all levels to ensure efficiency which is why the APRC is ahead of all political parties in the country.

Aji Ramou Njie of Ballanghar village in the Lower Saloum District of the Central River Region and the vice chairperson at the regional political Bureau, said President Jammeh has always empowered Gambian women particularly those in Lower Saloum. “We have electricity and water supply, good roads and free education for our children. We have also seen what he has done for us women and that is why we shall always be behind him and give him total support”, she said.

Saffie Mboge is the Old Yundum constituency women mobilizer, “The women of my constituency are fully prepared ahead of the December 1st election. And we will only give out one percent of the votes to the opposition for them to share and the 99% shall be for President Jammeh.”

She said since 1994 women have never been behind in supporting the president so this year’s election shall be the best the Gambia has ever witnessed.

by Fatou Sowe