Gambian Youth Acquiring New Skills Through Summer Camp

Gambian Youth Acquiring New Skills Through Summer Camp



The Executive Director of the National Sports Council has underscored that one of the reasons for organising the National Youth Summer Camp is to accord young people the opportunity to know their country better.

Marcel Mendy was speaking recently at the 2016 Summer Camp held at the Independence Stadium and Friendship Hostel in Bakau. The week-long camp, which attracted participants from across the country, came to an end last Thursday

According to him, the camp would now be staged from one region to the other to enable the youths to be exposed to different environments, noting that engaging them is crucial as most of them during summer have nothing to do at homes.

Mendy emphasised that participants at the youth camp were taught on a wide range of issues such as health matters, sexual harassment and the importance of discipline among others. “We want youth to unite and understand each other so that they will grow up with understanding,’’ he affirmed.

Babucarr Kebbeh of the National Youth Council, called on partners to come on board so as to inspire the youth of the country.

Fatou Jobe, a Youth Assistant at the Ministry of Youth and Sports, described this year’s summer camp as interesting, owing to the fact that participants are exposed to new things that were not on the main agenda.

She maintained that during the camp all the participants were divided into six groups and each group was given a platform, noting that all the participants ate on time and go to bed on time.

Madam Jobe expressed optimism that come next year they will work on a new marketing strategy so as to promote the event to become bigger. She called on the general public to invest more in youth especially in youth summer camps.

“During the camp we do have a medical team whereby if anything happens to our participants, we can address it because all the participants learn personnel hygiene,” she concluded.

by Fatou Gassama