Gambia’s Emerging Talents Reaching for the Sky

Gambia’s Emerging Talents Reaching for the Sky

Every country has emerging talents and Gambia is among those with lot of young people with an emerging talents. Observer Light International has line-up some of those with an emerging talents.

Danny Constant; is an event, Radio, Television Host, actor, artist and mentor to many young people.

Fanta Ceesay; is an amazing lady, is a recognized model in the Gambia and won many awards.

Alhagie Manka; is the Gambia’s famous cinematographer. Manka is the chief executive officer of State of Mic.

Gibril Jobe; is a performing artist, actor, director, model, playwright, social activist, as well as an entertainment critique. He is brand ambassador for Badjiz Designs and 2nd Runner Up Face of Fashion 4 Africa.

Charlotte Ajuwa Smith; is the author of the book entitled ‘Keep The Dream Alive’, is a collection of poems and inspirational words.

Awa Jonga alias Awa Gambie; in 2013 represented the Gambia in the most competitive competition in Senegal call Sen Petite Gelle.

T Smallz; is one of the Gambia’s most astonishing reggae artiste.


Medi Njie; known as Medi is an upcoming artist he is the brain behind twenty-one mixtape track entitled ‘Fit to be a King. He is working on another track called ‘Yallah reka neh’. He recently released new track ‘The comeback panda remix’ addressing Gambia music industry and copyright.

by Omar Wally