Gamtel/Gamcel Beat Brikama in Volleyball League

Gamtel/Gamcel Beat Brikama in Volleyball League



Gamtel/Gamcel male volleyball team earned an imposing lead in the 2016 volleyball standings following their victory on Saturday against Brikama. The Lamin Suwareh side beat a resolute Brikama side 3-2 at Box Bar. In the opening set Gamtel pulled off great display but the young Brikama side stood firm in their blocks and spikes.

Determined to continue their good form from the first set, Brikama got off to an excellent start in the second set as well, racing into the lead at 2-0. However, Gamtel/cel continued to challenge their lead with their fierce spikes, and they managed to reduce the lead to a draw at 4-4. Brikama followed up with relentless play by Mario Dampha and Barry, as well as Barrow, who made it difficult for the Gamtel/cel players to score. Mario, in particular, repeatedly evaded the visitors’ best  defence and allowed the host to regain their lead at 8-6.

While the Sateba boys attempted to create multiple options for setting of the ball, they faced difficulties in overcoming an improved Gamtel/cel defence who continued to block and played efficient counter-attacks. The comeback made by Gamtel/cel continued till the first timeout for the set, with Gamtel/cel having the score 11-8 in their favour. Gamtel/cel continued to advance, but Lamin Fatty’s men certainly did not give up on their chances and constantly encouraged each other after each point lost to the opponents. 2-1 they won in the third set.

Unfortunately, Gamtel/cel remained impressive in their offence and appeared to be in complete control, rallying for 6 straight points in the fourth set. The telecom giants were admittedly more consistent in their play, as they reached match point, and with Sanu’s spike deemed onside, Gamtel/cel closed out the spectacular battle in the fourth set.

Game tied at 2-2 all teams put great efforts in the fifth sets and Brikama took a commanding points lead, however the exuberance and aggressiveness couple with Sanu Secka’s attacking prowess ignited Gamtel/cel’s strength and they covered the set to win the game. In the female category match it was an easy tie for the visitors as they beat Brikama 3-0 on the same day at Box bar.

Source: GVBF Press Officer