Governor Jammeh: Administration, Politics Are Inseparable

Governor Jammeh: Administration, Politics Are Inseparable




The Governor of North Bank Region (NBR) has  said that administration and politics are inseparable.

Governor Lamin Quin Jammeh made this remark while addressing APRC party militants  in the North Bank Region during the visit made by the three liaison officers and desk officer of the region last week.

The purpose of the visit by the said liaison officers and the desk officer he said was to look at the relationship between political administrative division and the political life of the people within the Region.

“The visit accorded the delegation the opportunity to meet with the people in the region, to observe the political and administrative landscape of the region, and to see what the needs of the people are, what can be provided for them, so as to move forward the development that is already on course,” Governor Jammeh informed the NBR electorate.

He opined that whatever is done in the area of administration,  has an impact on the political landscape directly, stressing that these are some of the reasons why the liaison officers and the desk officer decided to embark on this important visit.

“The visit was important because it reminded the members of the district authorities of the historical roles they have in the administration of the region and the country in particular,” he affirmed.

Governor Jammeh further informed the NBR electorate that the role of the chiefs and that of the governor interrelate and their work has an impact on the lives of the people of the region.

“We know the desire of administration is to create conveniences, harmony, and  make life more meaningful for the people. This is why people come together to put their individual powers together and trust them in one or few hands,” he said.

He went on: “How this administration impacts on the people is very important for this authorities who have found it necessary to embark on such a visit like this one, which can bring to light what is really happening at the grassroots level.”

The Governor expressed his profound gratitude to everyone for their attendance especially the chiefs of the region who were responsible for organising the meetings.

by Lamin B. Darboe