GTBoard Launches New Website

GTBoard Launches New Website



In a bid to remain second to none tourism destination in West Africa and sub region, the Gambia Tourism Board has launched its new website that is easy to access and navigate wherever you might be around the world.

The newly launched GTBoard’s website presided over by the Minister of Tourism and Culture, Honorable Benjamin A. Roberts, among other things was built to ensure effective browsing and communication with the Gambia Tourism Board and tourism stakeholders in efforts to raise awareness of The Gambia as a formidable tourism destination.

tourist-3Also, the launched website will leverage all e-commerce and social media platforms to boast the board’s website.

Launching the new Gambia Tourism Board’s website, Benjamin A Roberts reminded the gathering of competition in the industry worldwide. He said in the world both developing and developed countries are competing to attract tourists to their countries.

Therefore, he continued that promoting the destination is ranked highly for any country that serious about tourism.

He noted that the “developing countries cannot compete developed countries in term of marketing, so there is competition as the developed countries are competing the developing countries.”

As tourism industry in Africa grappling with so many challenges, the Minister reiterated the need to find a way to ensure that the destination maintains the present and promote the county as a tourist destination which made social media a necessity.

To ensure that the newly launched website serve the purpose of its creation, Minister Roberts challenged the board to make the issues of the search engine optimization relevant in terms of ensuring that on search by users, the website is in the first three hit of search. On this challenge, he said all staff of GTBoard has a role to play to make sure that the website serves the purpose it was intended.

The Minister emphasized that “The Gambia is already ahead in term of tourism in West Africa but these are things we need to enhance and get serious about to become truly, as we saying, a leader not only in West Africa but in the sub region as a tourism destination.”

He concluded that potentials in e-marketing is great and the destination need to explore these potentials.


touist-2Abdoullahi Hydara, Director General of Gambia Tourism Board explained the objectives and rationale behind the development of the new website.

He elaborated on the capabilities and features of the website which he said links with all other GTBoard’s relevant media accounts such facebook, instagram, twitter, youtube among others.

He added that the new website is an easy to navigate platform with analytical capability for website traffic assessment and a website with mobile optimization capability.

The Director General commended the web developer for a job well done and as well thanked the Minister of Tourism and Culture for his guidance as regarding to the development of the website.