Guinean National Faces Visa Deal Civil Suit

Guinean National Faces Visa Deal Civil Suit




A civil suit has been instituted against Ebrima Gassama, a Guinea Bissau national for failing to secure a valid United Kingdom visa for Beatrice Badjie after an agreement was made between them.

Madam Badjie (plaintiff) filed the civil suit against Gassama claiming a refund of D154, 000 being the money Gassama requested from her on the claim that he would secure her a UK visa. The plaintiff said she already paid the said sum to the defendant in cash, plus other entitlements.

In her evidence-in-chief before Principal Magistrate Hilary Abeke of the Kanifing Magistrates’ Court, the plaintiff said the defendant proposed to her that he can secure her a visa to travel to the United Kingdom and charged her a service fee of D154, 000, saying that agreement was documented.

She said the agreement was written by the defendant himself and both of them appended their signatures on it. The document was later admitted as evidence in court.

The agreement written reads: “To whom it may concern. Agreement between Ebrima Gassama and Beatrice Badjie. Ebrima Gassama, a Guinea Bissau national residing in Dakar, Senegal writes to facilitate a United Kingdom Visa for Madam Badjie, who paid D154, 000 cash to Ebrima Gassama. If not possible, I will be responsible to return her money immediately.”

The plaintiff added that after the agreement and payment of the money, the defendant gave her a photocopy of a visa without her passport, which she said could not take her anywhere. She said she made several requests for her passport and money to be returned to her but to no avail.

After the plaintiff ended her evidence, the defendant said he had no question to cross-examine. He appealed to the court to reduce his bail condition for him to reunite with his family but Magistrate Abeke said the defendant is a Bissau Guinean national resident in Dakar and does a business of collecting money from The Gambia.

He said the defendant may go again and collect money from people if a lower bail sum is given to him. He added that the defendant is collecting money from a country where he is not even residing and that four different countries are mentioned in the transaction.

by Meita Touray