Hard to Quit, She Wins My Heart

Hard to Quit, She Wins My Heart



Couple of the Week
After dating several ladies, I finally fell in love with one little girl. At first I didn’t love her but she took the relationship seriously with me that I feared what will happen if she found out that I did not love her entirely. She told me everything about herself and family and I began to pity her.

From there, I always advise, motivat, cheer and encourage her.  She fought to win my heart as no one has ever loved me like she does.  In spite of her giving me some problems, I got used to her that I cannot hurt her or see her suffer. Her sister wanted us to end the relationship but she didn’t succeed in doing so. After seven months of this platonic relationship, we had a quarrel that kept us apart for about forty days without talking to each other because she lost her phone. We later reconciled but during the period, she had involved in another relationship and when I realised that she said it was over between her and that guy.  However, she loves me but still difficult for her to breakaway from her other boyfriend because when I put pressure on her, she will say she’s quit but still doing things behind me. Recently, early in the morning without good morning greeting, she requested me to send her credit to call some people to inform them of her friend’s marriage. I got annoyed over this and the next day at night she sent me a text message to inform me to never call her again. Before I know what’s going on she sent me a picture message of her and the boyfriend kissing. Damn it man, I was like dying!  It was inscribed on the picture ‘we love each other so much.’ From that day I refused to pick her calls. She apologised and even sent her friends to convince me that it was a joke and later text that she only sent the picture to hurt me. When I refused to pick her calls or listen to her friends, she now sent me text messages. One of them read “I am sorry I will never call you again this is my last text to you ‘Am sorry for hurting you and thanks for your love and care. You are a good man. I will never forget you in my entire life because you showed me how to love no matter what, Jerry ‘am sorry to say goodbye……” I have tried, since our misunderstanding, to forget about her but it is difficult for me to take away my mind from her. Again I think I am taking it too far because she has apologised. From your heart I want you to tell me the truth about my long story because I can’t forget her though I am trying to cope. What can I do?


I have read your long love story, but I want you to know that you should not marry because of sympathy. If it is because of sympathy that made you fall in love with her, I think you need to re-examine yourself to know if the love is really from your heart as you claimed. Hope you are not taking advantage of her because you called her a ‘little girl.’ I will not want to analyse your message anyway hence you said it is difficult for you to take away your mind from her. Whatever, I presumed that you truly love her. If that’s the case you should swallow your pride and go back and reconcile with her. Because it is better to lose your pride with someone you love rather than  lose the person you love with your useless pride. But bear one thing in mind, ‘no jealousy!’ Because it is jealousy that led to the misunderstanding and if you know that you cannot do without jealousy as you don’t want to share her with another man then forget about her once and for all. Good luck!


Are These Signs of –

‘I am no longer interested in the relationship’?


My boyfriend is nine years older than I am and we started dating less than three months ago. We started very well as everything was romantic at the begining between two of us. Really it was full of love, care; you know how a new relationship is. But recently things have turned into something different, it’s like I am with a stranger, if I don’t text or call him, he will not. I have been trying to start conversations numerous times through text and calls but each time I tried he will end it by not replying. I told him I want to see him just to create an avenue where we can talk about issues arising in our relationship since then, it has been different excuses. Help me Loveliness: Are these signs of ‘I am no longer interested in the relationship, you are free to move on’?


Well, the soul that can speak with its eyes can also stop looking with it. Sometimes they are parts of the signs of saying ‘let’s end it or call it quit and be an ordinary friends.’ But here there is no need to jump into conclusion until you are able to have one-to-one conversation with him. Though with his relationship status or let say his marital status (not included here) is a good sign that what he wants in the relationship is quite different from your desire. However, the reason why you need to sit together with him to know what is happening in the relationship you both began with full love is that there might be something that came up that you need to know but seems to be hiding it from you. More so, he might have something hidden in his mind that warrants him to always give you different excuses of not been able to see you. Pay him a visit and solve this out once and for all. It is still a very young relationship that makes it easier for individual to walk away if there is anything special or like a barrier.  Like Hillary T Smith said ‘Love lets you find those hidden places in another person, even the ones they didn’t know where they are, even the ones they themselves wouldn’t have thought to call beautiful.’ So this can be negative and positive. Good luck!


I am Interested

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