Health, an important component of human survival

Health, an important component of human survival

The auditor of Jataba Youth Development Association (JYDA) has said that health is a very important component of human survival and that without it nothing is possible.

Sulayman Darboe made this remark recently during the opening of Jataba primary health care facility at the village in the Kiang East District of Lower River Region. The project was funded by the Jataba Youth Development Association.

He said the people of Jataba are assured of affordable, quality and good health service at the facility.

He noted that making available functional primary health care does not only mean provision of drugs to the people but also saving them from spending time and resources travelling to other villages to access health care.

Darboe noted that it has been the idea of the association to provide safe and affordable health care for its people.

Fabakary Sanneh, chairman, Mansakonko Area Council, thanked the association for complementing the efforts of the government by providing a vital health care facility to the people of Jataba. He said the medicaments will help the people of Jataba to reduce the burden of accessing health care elsewhere.

“The association is very much aware of the importance of health to the development of any society.

You can all agree with me that without a healthy society, development will never be possible, because it is the healthy people who can work,” he added.

Sanneh therefore challenged the villagers to take ownership and responsibility of the facility so as to ensure it serves the purpose it is meant for, while calling on the association to continue the good working relationship it has with the VDC.

He equally tasked the VDC to embrace the project, emphasising that it’s their fault if it fails as they are the very ones who should take good care of the facility and its services at all times.

The council chairperson assured the association and the villagers of his office’s continual support to the people of Jataba and the association.

Sarjo Sambou, representing the director of regional health officer, Lower River Region, said access to affordable, reliable and good health care is top priority of the government of The Gambia.

“Health has no boundary; it is for someone who needs it. It does not know a Fula, Jola, Mandinka or any tribe, no village or region, so do not see this primary health care [facility] as yours only, it belongs to all,” he said.

He said the centre will reduce the burden and work load on other health facilities within the area and promised that his office will be making regular checkup on the centre, while pledging his office’s support to the centre at all times.

Sainey Manka, public relation officer, Jataba Youth Development Association, urged them to make best use of the facility and its services, and assured that the medicines are of good quality.

Salifu Sanneh, vice chairman of Jataba Youth Development Association, said health should be a concern and priority of everybody, villagers, region and country as a whole.

“Let us all work together as one family to develop this health care facility. It is a duty upon all of us the villagers to take good care of this place, because it belongs to all of us,” he said.

He challenged the people of Jataba to work together for the betterment of the

by Fatoumatta K Saidykhan