Heavy Downpour Wreak Havoc in URR

Heavy Downpour Wreak Havoc in URR




The heavy downpour  on Tuesday has wreaked havoc in the Upper River Region with several people losing a lot of valuables as a result.

The Tuesday rain is said to have been the highest recorded so far this season with weather forecast officials recording 149.0 mm of rainfall.

Our Daily Observer correspondent in the URR said the community of Madina Kaba Kama in Basse was the hardest hit by the torrential rain. At the time of his visit to the affected areas, he said  tailors, shopkeepers and compound owners were seen busy removing water from their shops and compounds since Tuesday while others were removing their wet clothes and drying them under the sun.

He further stated that some compound fences have collapsed as a result of the heavy downpour, while others were seen putting up temporal measures to avoid having to endure a similar faith.

Makani Jamba, an old lady believed to be in her 60s, lamented the critical condition the heavy downpour has left her family in. The old lady, who led our reporter to see for himself the foodstuff that have been destroyed by the rain said; “Since yesterday we could not sleep, we’re just removing water from our houses.“


by Momodou Jawo in Basse, URR