Heavy Windstorm Inflicts Havoc in Tumana

Heavy Windstorm Inflicts Havoc in Tumana




A heavy downpour accompanied by windstorms has inflicted further pain on the community of Upper River Region (URR) with 25 people abandoning their houses as the winds  blew off their roofs.

This latest incident came on the heels of a similar devastating occurrence in the region when a heavy downpour wreaked havoc on the community of Kaba Kama last week. That rainfall is said to be the highest so far this season recorded 149mm.

The Daily Observer’s URR correspondent, who visited the scene on Tuesday morning to ascertain the level of damage, said the Baldeh Kunda family is the most affected. The reporter added that the solar panels that belong to the said family has been damaged beyond repair, saying it was these same panels that were used to pump water into the tanks to supply the village with clean and portable drinking water.

Speaking in a Daily Observer interview, Mama Samba Baldeh, the compound head of Baldeh Kunda, who doubles as the Alkalo of the village, lamented the critical situation the incident has plunged the family into. “At the moment what is disturbing us is the fact that our solar panels have been damaged and it was the one that used to supply the entire village with clean and portable drinking water,“ he further lamented.

Mr. Baldeh said at the time of the incident met the entire family, except an old woman, in the farm, adding that one of the roofs hit an old woman leading her sustaining minor injuries on the mouth.

He added that five bags of rice, two bags of sugar and ten bags of coos perished in the rain. He therefore called on the government, philanthropists and individuals to come to their aid in this difficult situation.

Elsewhere in the same village, two other compound owners were affected by the windstorms after a big tree fell on houses belonging to one Demba Baldeh and Kaba Baldeh.

At the time of the Daily Observer’s visit to the scene, our reporter was informed that officials from the regional disaster management team were earlier at the community to assess the level of damage caused.

by Momodou Jawo in Basse URR