High Court Sheriff Testifies in False Pretence Case

High Court Sheriff Testifies in False Pretence Case




Sheriff of the High Court in Banjul Tuesday testified as the fifth prosecution witness in an alleged false pretence trial involving Mambuna Bojang before Magistrate MSM Jallow of the Bundung Magistrate Court.

Mambuna Bojang is accused of obtaining the sum of D400, 000 by false pretence from one Baba Gakou at Sukuta on the pretext that he has a plot of land, which was found to be false.

In his testimony, Sheriff Tabally said in January 2016 the complainant (who is his neighbor) came to seek advice from him about a land he intended to buy from the accused person.  He said he advice the complainant based on the documents he presented to him.

He said according to the information he received from the complainant, it appeared that the land in dispute belonged to the accused person’s family. “I advised the complainant that the Alkalos are the authorities that deals with  land issues. I referred him to go to the Alkalo of Sukuta to confirm the ownership of the land,” the Sheriff said.

He said he later went with the complainant and some elders to the Alkalo f Sukuta but couldn’t meet him there. He said the Alkalo’s son Pa Cham, who was responsible for land transaction and documentation found there.

He said the Alkalo’s son requested that they all go together to the said land, which he said             they did.  He said when they reached there, Pa Cham confirmed that the land belonged to the accused person’s family but after they left he (Sheriff) did not make any further confirmation from the Alkali himself.

He said payments were made to the accused person but he cannot remember weather it was that very day or the day after, saying the complainant made the payments to the accused person in his (Sheriff) house.

After the payment, he said the complainant reported to him that some people were developing a market at the disputed land, saying the land is within the vicinity of the new Sukuta market but he did once visited the land after the complainant reported the invasion.

He said the complainant had told him that he has made several attempts to negotiate with the accused person for another land but to no avail.

The matter is adjourned to 16th November for PW6 to testify.

by Awa Gassama