Hit and Run Lovers Love Bandits

Hit and Run Lovers Love Bandits



Beauty of the Week
love-linesLately many people have become love ‘mugu’ (fool); they run into the hands of brigands all in the name of seeking for succor.

Can we put the blame on men and women’s fall ing ‘mugu’ on self-interest love? Not really. But what of their ‘longer-throat’ luxury, dressing competition, jealousy, and satisfaction/enjoyment or temptation? Well it will be too early to jump into conclusion here.

Nowadays many have become victims of hit and run love probably because of want and desperation to get or have what they desire from their fellow brothers and sisters or even semesters and holidaymakers.

For some people it has nothing to do with attraction and feeling, but with interest – interest of what to gain from their partner and whoever that looks for freebies must surely look out in vain.

Because of this selfish interest, they always make empty promises that make them abandon their lovers and fall prey to the just arrived semesters that need someone to cover them from the extended hands of cold.

Some others fall in the den of tourists who need youthful hands to freshen their blood and massage their stiff bodies. What they probably get in return are empty promises, a plate of chicken and chips, 2-3 bottles of soft drinks, meager money that can only buy ‘wanterr’ goods in the market.


Money Power

The power of money, when it comes to dating can be very strong. Although it is easy for both men and women to say “I do not love you because of money.” While many scold their Sweethearts when they are not able to squeeze out money from them to spend or buy the latest.

As a result many switch on to semesters who will promise them heaven on earth. They are ready to do anything to get money. Most of those affairs always turn into a hit and run game. Count your blessings and give thanks to God. But some become losers because they are not steadfastness in their relationship.

A lady abandoned her partner prior to Tobaski for a Semester to achieve her desire because he promised to marry her. She was happy, full of hope and tried all she could to satisfy her Semester friend.  On Tobaski day she found out that he was once divorced but remarried to another woman with children. Between her and his Semester, it became “if you like you stay, if you don’t walk away!”

Without much ado, she is a victim of a hit and run game who had been living on empty promises in the hands of a pretender lover boy.


Hit and Run

There is no enemy at the corner that is blocking you from getting married to your choice, except greediness and being thirsty for what is between the thighs of the opposite sex. Men are now in love with faces, while women love the volume and depth of men’s wallets. Giving and accepting fake love for the sake of materials and social life is not enjoyment, but sorrow.

When it comes to reality and physical feelings, love is swift, sincere, pious, pleasant, generous, strong, patient, faithful, prudent, long-suffering, and never seeking your own, for where ever a man seeks his own, there is where he falls in love. Many youths or even married, single parent widows and widowers are sometimes victims. They will not only hit you, but they will certainly shave your head and paint it with unsatisfactory colour that is not your choice before disappearing into thin air.


Lovers Love Bandit

Some women always have their hearts broken because they are cheated on or find themselves giving everything they have in their hearts to get something from men, but many a times have nothing in return.

You know what I mean! Can you ask yourself, if the Semester or your new guy for whom you abandoned your old lover worth it or fulfill his promise after cutting your cake? And as a man, were you able to break her defence despite spending your last bututs that should have been better used to settle your NAWEC bills at home?

Many of these men/women might actually have better to offer each other. But they turn out to be hit and run lovers or love bandits. Home-based guy in terms of relation will remain with the woman he loves and who tells him that she loves, trusts, and has compassion.

While the Semester will stand on friendship with the main aim of ‘give me what I want, I will give you what you want’ just because they know what these ladies want. Why is this happening? It is because women don’t develop a connection in the right place when it comes to social life.


Agony Corner

Is it wrong to have boyfriend at 16?


I am a beautiful young girl of sixteen. I have got a boyfriend, he is nineteen plus. We met last year. Since the begining of our relationship I have never been to bed with him. In spite of this a senior family friend said it is wrong to have a boyfriend.



Really, it is wrong to have a boy friend at your age. Because it is at this stage of life we refer girls as ‘sweet sixteen.’ As a teenager especially at sixteen your feelings become stirred up in a way different from what you were used to before. This is due to the fact that you are deeply aware of who you are as a girl. It is at this stage you will start to notice more changes in you. And it is at this stage of your life that you are attracted to boys or men. Also it is at this stage you need to start planning about a career for yourself because you are almost through to the final class. Two things cannot go together without one hindering the other.

I would advise you to wait because your boyfriend is no more a teenager like you, so one day he might coax or persuade you to go to bed with him. So let’s wait it is not yet time’ be your watch dog. For now avoid dating.

However, it is difficult to wait because ‘wait’ is a very tough step to take for especially a mature girl who has been sometimes carried away by emotion. I know in your mind you might be thinking why ‘wait,’ since everything is okay with you. Another thing you should know is that you should wait because you need to understand that your feelings can deceive you. You cannot afford to trust your emotions because they are still tender. Imagine yourself perceiving the aroma of ‘benechin’ cooking from the next door and you are very hungry. You will not rush to take a spoonful from the fire and eat until it is done and ready to serve. If you rush because of the hunger (or impatience) you will miss the good taste because you will have your tongue burnt. So think over this your family friend is right. So do not burn your tongue before the food is ready. Good luck!


I am just pretending


I am a young sharp guy of 29, dating a lady of 2 years younger than I am for the past four years. I have been hiding my feelings from her since I knew about her past. I tried by all means to know all I heard and my suspicion about her, but she always avoided my questions. In brief she had dated a long-term friend of mine residing abroad before we met each other. I observed that the past is still freshening in her memory. Also, I suspected that she is still interested in him. Secondly, I felt that she is hiding something from me about her love life. Mostly, whenever she receives a phone call she will immediately delete the number or any SMS. Her inbox and call list is always empty when I check it. For the past one year I did not have strong feelings for her though I don’t have any other girlfriend. But I want her out of my life in order to stop pretending that everything is good between us. But it is difficult for me to convince my parents and siblings because they like her.


Pretence cannot solve this. If both of you do not come together to discuss the matter, sooner or later it will turn into an emotional problem if not emotional crack. I suggest that hence you are sure of yourself on this, call her and explain everything to her  in detail. Tell her that you want to know her stand in the relationship; let her choose between you and her past lover. Make it a give and take discussion; you should not dominate everything; listen to her and reason with her. A known long-term spirit is better than an unheard Angel. Tell her how much you love her and how you will like both of you to spend the rest of your lives together. Better still, if you cannot go on with her anymore let your parents know everything you know about her. However, tell the lady everything you know about her with evidences before it is too late for two of you. Tell her the truth. If you do not because of her generosity towards you, well that is a big mistake that you might regret in the future. Good luck!