Hon. Njie Rubbishes Dr. Touray at Inter-Party Dialogue

Hon. Njie Rubbishes Dr. Touray at Inter-Party Dialogue




Nominated National Assembly Member, Hon. Seedy S.K. Njie, has described aspiring independent presidential candidate, Dr. Isatou Touray’s behaviour as arrogant and out of touch.

He was addressing her at the recently held inter-party dialogue convened by the African Union pre-election mission to The Gambia and the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) ahead of the December 1 Presidential Election.

According to Daily Observer sources that were at the meeting, Hon. Njie was responding to Dr. Touray’s abusive words directed at the ruling party leader President Jammeh.

When the floor was opened, the source said all the party leaders were to give a statement, but Hon. Seedy Njie decided not to raise his hand for the first round and waited for the second round. The sources added that when Dr. Touray’s turn arrived, she came with her written statement and stood reading, using abusive words against the President and other opposition leaders.

Our source added that the APRC representative Hon. Seedy SK Njie was upset by the abusive words directed at his party leader. “Hon. Seedy Njie then raised his hand to object to her [Dr. Touray] slanderous comments but people and even the delegation from AU asked Hon. Njie to allow her to continue. And when she finished, Hon. Seedy Njie expressed gratitude to the AU delegation for coming to The Gambia and refuted all allegations made by Dr. Touray”.

The Daily Observer insider further said Hon. Njie indicated that “My party leader and national chairman of the APRC, Sheikh Professor  Alhahji Dr Yahya AJJ Jammeh, Babili Mansa, has directed the party and we have conducted national and regional training workshops for all our youth stakeholders in the country and His Excellency’s directive was that election must be violence-free and we must respect the rules of IEC and we are going by those directives.”

The nominated lawmaker, our source further revealed, also indicated that [as a party in governance and as a responsible people], they are guided by their actions and deeds and as such, they want each and every party to be respectful and to respect the rule of law.

Hon. Seedy Njie added that slanderous, arrogant and out of touch party leaders who incite violence like Dr. Isatou Touray are uncalled for and he would not allow her to insult and abuse his party leader.

“If we were as indiscipline as she is, I would have walked out, but this is just telling her behaviour and that is why nobody is following her; she has no respect for people and she must be stopped!!” a disappointed Hon. Njie said to have told Dr. Touray in the presence of AU and IEC officials.

When Hon. Seedy Njie was done with his statement, a demoralised and embarrassed Dr. Touray was said to have later sent someone to apologise to Hon. Seedy Njie for her statement, expressing her high respect for the nominated NAM.

by Alieu Ceesay