I am Yet To Respond To His Request

I am Yet To Respond To His Request

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This guy has been following me for a while now and I know he likes me. We met through a friend. He’s very well older than me. He wants a good and genuine relationship that can lead to marriage. He is a cool and nice guy but I still haven’t given him a positive response. This is because I am still not ready for marriage for now especially that I am still working towards my degree. More so, we are not of the same religion and going into any relationship with him is going to be a waste of time between us. I know it will not lead to marriage simply because of our religion background. Lime me I am from a very strong religious family. My problem now is I don’t know how to open up to tell him my reason because I don’t want him to feel discriminated is really a good guy.

(Confused Girl)


Boldness, all you need is boldness to face him. You got to be bold to stand and express yourself to him and never mention the word discrimination when you tell him your reason for not wanting to go into a relationship with him. Like you had explained in your message tell him that relationship between two of you is like wasting each other’s time and giving false hope because you will never convert from your religion to his and neither would you ever want him to convert to yours unwillingly. Again make it clear to him you cannot be a wife to someone of opposite religion to yours for many reasons which family takes the center stage. You let him know that you can be a mere good friend but not a lover friend. More so, make him understand the fact that you are not ready for marriage or any relationship for now hence you have your degree and masters to pursue. If you are still not bold enough to stand and discuss this with him then tell your friend who through him/her that you know each other to tell him that you are not interesting in his request due to the above reasons. For more information, don’t hesitate to call Lovelines. Good luck.


How Can I Cope With My Breakup?


I am a young lady of twenty-seven years old. My partner and I broke up about three months ago and since then it is very hard for me to overcome the shock. It is difficult for me to deal with this because I never foreseen it. What do you think I should do to cope with this unexpected breakup or situation I have found myself? More so, I want to move on from this situation, please.



It is always hurtful to have a breakup especially when it is from other partner either from a long time or short time relationship. It makes one feel cheated, been used, dumped, rejected, even lost and it makes someone to become empty. It makes you empty because you feel lonely each and every minute you think about it. It becomes too difficult to get it clear from memory because the other partner has moved on while you are living in imagination, thinking of how to turn round the hands of the clock. You need to move on as you said, but to move on you need to deal with the breakup as follow because the more you are attached to each other, the more you get hurt. It is not easy to take out or lift up yourself from breakup  but if you really want to move on with your life emotionally, physically, and mentally either the break up is caused by you or your partner, do not refuse to accept the fact that you are hurt or being going through a tough time. Stop feeling sorry for yourself to avoid it weighing you down. Identify the cause of the breakup as an inevitable circumstance that occurred between two of you and face up to the challenge to get over it. Life must continue because it is a relationship going down the drain not you, not your life. More other things to do to get out of this are to write off the past. Forget the past and any other thing that has to do with the relationship or any other thing that can remind you of this your ex. Above all you need to get up and bounce back to love garden for the good men to see you. Good luck!


She’s Always Disinterested, How Can I make Her Interested


First I would like to commend entire Lovelines crew for your regular publication of people’s matter on this page and also for a job well done. I have an issue that is giving me concern and I would be happy to receive your comment. I got married some months back but my worried is that my wife always not interested in having time with me. Can I know how to put her in the mood and make her interested?

Alias – Lampard


Well, this is not a big issue it is just that you need to learn how to go about it. Without much ado, the body might not respond to fun every time, but you can work on it and make it respond to your desire through a constant practice. If you want to satisfy yourself with your partner, you do not need an iron hand, commands, or something hard. You need to build the excitement. How do you do this? Okay, start with a nice emotional chat with unexpected hugs and kisses and then continue with your chatting without rush. Spend enough time on this. This is what is called foreplay – love play. Fondle and touch her gradually. She will respond to you. The main thing is that you should know more about your wife’s body. Women’s body is not as simple to understand as we sometimes think. However, women can easily understand a man’s body. Never hurry because a man’s body is faster than a woman’s body. A woman can work on a man’s body for just a few seconds and make him excited and ready for action. But, a woman takes a longer time to become excited. She will need about 20 minutes of foreplay in order to get really excited and ready for the show. So, to make your wife in need of you every time: Always be friendly to her so that she will feel free to talk with you about everything including sex. Be kind to her during the day (before bedtime) if not it will be hard for her to feel romantic if she remembers how selfish and uncaring you are to her outside bedtime. Communicate with her often so that you can discuss some ideas and emotional words. Always tell her I love you and call her pet names not only at bedtime alone. Even when you are dressing for work in the morning let her be part of it. In this case she will get used to you and always want to see you back home early, this will allow her to be free in mind and action and will always undress you with her mind and eyes. And be truthful to her because women hate thoughts of any other women or girls when they are in bed with their husbands, just like men, but women can be worse! Good luck!


Overwhelmed and kiss


On a serious note I need your advice. I am 22 and when I was in my grade 12 a guy asked me out but I turned him down. I did have feeling for him but I told him I am not interested just because of one thing or the other. Since then we became a good friend. But we were strolling around West Field these days and he kissed me. I have been avoiding this all along afterwards I just could not help it because I was overwhelmed by his feeling and I reciprocated.



Since you did have feeling for him, there is nothing bad in that because you are not a teenager and by now you should know the type of a man you are yearning for. And what you want in such man. If he meet your desire as a man you can give a trial, it is not a bad idea. Whatever, try to be careful, remember the ABC game! Enjoy yourself and Good luck!


I am Searching For You


I am 44 searching for a serious Muslim woman for a long time relationship. A honest, naturally endowed, tolerant, understanding, polite and independent for marriage is really my choice.



He is searching for you. Are you a woman that match with the above, call Lovelines for detail information and be connected. Good luck!