I Don’t Think My Boyfriend Love Me

I Don’t Think My Boyfriend Love Me

I really need help to fix my relationship, it is too late. He does not trust me. We have been dating for almost seven months now. I got serious with him and made myself known to most of his relatives as he desired while he treated me great without restriction especially before I got closer to his relatives. Almost a month now he started changing, nagging and complain unnecessarily. His new attitude increases by the day. I don’t think I can cope with this because it’s affecting my performances at work and in everything. I am the type that easily fed up when it comes to unnecessary complain and argument. He gives me no breathing space even when he knows that I am in the office, he will ask who is with me, what my boss said about my dress and attractiveness, which customers/offices I went to or visit etc. I am almost 30 and have been working when I was 24. He met me working and I don’t know why he complains now. I am pieced-off because I don’t know how to make him understand.


From my view; like the saying goes that there is two face of a coin. First, your man is having trust issues and there is nothing you can do to change him. Secondly, there might be a little interruption from his relatives which might be the cause. Anyway on his trust issues, I will be frank you can change him. What I can say here is that as far as you cannot condone his nagging, ranting and complaining attitude; then replaces him. I mean what you can do is to change boyfriend, yes! It is the only way. This is because any or each and every relationship that is not built with trust would not last, no matter how the partner tried. Therefore, ask yourself if you can live all your life in your current condition? Do you want to be always accused or questioned like you stated above every now and then? Well, like one of the recent topics discussed on this page – ‘Avoid Relationship of Pain.’ So try to avoid this relationship that might in future be a pain for you and let him know reason for your decision. Good luck!

Flirting After My Friend


One of my friends sometimes spends weekend or days with me and my family. Looking at her behind, she is a little bit endowed than I’m in appearance but in front view she cannot match up with me. I enjoyed her company especially when we are together when we will chat about everything and more about our partners. I started noticing that she likes to spend time and get closer to my boyfriend than I can think. And I noticed too that my boyfriend used to chat with her without him noticing that I’m aware. If not four but not less than three times, I have traced two of them without their awareness and I got to know that they are really deep sleeping with each other. I systematically stopped her from coming to spend weekends and days in my house. Still, she’s rolling on with my fiancé who’s pretending not have anything to do with her. God so good, I caught them on bed undeniably last weekend. I felt like the building should collapse on them.

Aja Sirrah

This is interesting! Seriously, your issue is not new. It happens even between married couple. It happens to you now and will still happen to others who cannot learn lessons from other people’s situations. It will take a long, long time for you to recover from it, it is a double betrayal. Well, this is one of the reasons some women will not let their friends especially the beautiful charming ones to have access or get close to their sexually active partner. Your openness and free discussion about what transpired between you and your boyfriend is responsible for this. Though I cannot blame you for this anyway but your boyfriend and so-called friend are shameless for betraying you. You brought them together and they got to each other through you. Well, there is need for you to express your dissatisfaction and dismay over two of them especially your boyfriend. More so if you know that you cannot condone this, instead of keeping it to yourself make a change. Good luck!