I Was Never Arrested by the NIA Kombo Central NAM Clarifies

I Was Never Arrested by the NIA Kombo Central NAM Clarifies

Contrary to some online media reports that the National Assembly member for Kombo Central, Buba Ayi Sanneh, was allegedly arrested by personnel of the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) at his home in Brikama, the lawmaker has come out to say that those reports are untrue as he was never arrested, instead he was invited for questioning.

“I was not arrested, I was invited for questioning, in fact on that very day I went to attend the funeral service of one of our staff; it was from there that I came to the NIA to answer to their invitation for questioning. I was never arrested; they visited my home a day before inviting me for questioning,” he clarified.

The Kombo Central lawmaker made these clarifications in a news conference. It was made clear to the newsmen at the briefing that Sanneh is involved in a land problem with the said land he sold to two different people.

Security sources informed this medium that the lawmaker sold a plot of land to two different parties thus complaints against him were forwarded to the security agents concerned who later invited him for questioning to that effect.

The Kombo Central NAM denied granting interview to any journalist prior to his visit to the NIA. He said the security agents visited his home earlier to inform him to report to the NIA. “They came to my home to inform me that I report to the NIA offices on the following day which I did and I have not granted interview to any journalist. I only came to know here that I was quoted giving report to an online media that I was arrested. I walked to the NIA by myself because they are an authority and when an authority needs you, you have to respond and this is exactly what I did,” he said.

He went on: “I don’t know how they got that information. I have nothing to do with the press whether those here or outside. I am a member of Parliament so probably because I am member of Parliament when I am detained people automatically use that to sell their papers or so, that is normal as a public figure. Is all over the world that whenever a political figure is arrested or something just happened to him they [journalists] blow it out of proportion; it is true that sometimes journalists write things unverified, maybe this is the case,” he said.

Asked whether he is willing to refund the money he received from the second party, Sanneh replied: “I am appealing to the authorities to give me some time I will refund all the money. If they [the parties involved] had even accepted the case would not have come here because I tried to compensate one of them [parties] by offering to give them another plot of land in Farato Bojang Kunda, but he rejected the offer.’’

According to him, the plot of land in question belongs to him, which was given to him by his late father. “I didn’t know that my brother sold it to somebody else,” he concluded.

by Musa Ndow