I Went Climax with Her

I Went Climax with Her



Beauty of the Week
My life is not the same at moment, I am emotionally confused that I need your help. I am in my early 30s single, but having two children. Since I met my friend’s girlfriend I cannot take off my eyes from her whenever she comes to our apartment.

This girl has a wonderful attraction that any man closer to her cannot resist. Talking about the body appearance, boobs and especially what she wears as you can see from other ladies outside is just superb. I admired her a lots that I started passing compliments to her most especially when my friend, her boyfriend, whom we shares apartment is not around. In spite that she’s my friend’s fiancée by all means I walked my way into her heart through good impression and finance. When the card fell on my side we hit it up at the right place and regularised the relationship without suspicion from my friend. Now, emotionally, I am not stable minded because my friend and her are planning of getting marry soon. I love her more than my friend do I can bet it with my life. I am dying silently and I need help because it is one thing to be bedding a casual girlfriend, and it is another thing when you are more connected and attached to it that you fall in love. She said she loves my friend and is quite keen on marrying him. What can I do to stop this there marriage? I wish I marry her, too.

(Name withheld)

You sound selfish if I would not mince words here. This is because your message is like a person that found a lost item on ground and wants to die with it; what about the one that lost it! Before any further comment let me put it to you like a Barrister in the law court – you don’t love this lady as you claimed but all you want is her glowing skin, her well-stacked boobs you see through the transparent cloths she wears possibly also her performances in the other way round. Whatever, I would advise you to take away your eyes and mind off this lady and let the sleeping dog lie. Already you had betrayed your friend by loving and sleeping with his fiancé without his consent, but to keep the cord of friendship, keep away from this lady who does not love you. Though you might think your friend is not aware of your relationship with her fiancé but don’t be surprise that what is behind the surface is far different than you think or see. Definitely there is nothing I can tell you to do about this than to tell you to leave your friend and his fiancé alone before you see the wrath of Almighty God. This is because, though they are yet to marry, what God has join together, lets no man put asunder. Either it is you that is housing your friend or vis-a-vis all I can say is that you are using your financial status to influence the lady to your side and as well cheating your friend. If this lady leaves your friend to marry you she is heading for a doom ‘relationship’ and will make fool of herself. Yes, it is right and is normal that you are emotionally not stable because you have discovered her preciousness and sweetness and now after lusting and taken her to bed. So stop being selfish and leave ‘would be couple’ to enjoy themselves. Look elsewhere for yours partner if you are a caring, honest, trustworthy, lovely man. So, take care of your two children and be a good father rather than flirting after your friend’s fiancé.  Good luck!

I am Having Stress Because of Him


My guy and I are having an uphill because of telephone calls these days. I am suspecting his action because the argument might lead to the end of our relationship if there is no solution to it. I am not praying for this because I love him. Now, he is no more picking my calls and neither call me like before again. The problem between us is that, he is not happy when men call me or when he sees any man’s number on my mobile phone. We quarreled over this so many times and now he keeps distance from me. If I call him, he will not respond to my call. I am having stress without him. Well, it is not end of the world because I know that I am clean and those calls I received are mere friend’s calls not lovers. Please help me what can I do?


Well, he might not be happy with the way you receive calls if they are too many. Secondly, he will start suspecting you if you stay long chatting with a man on phone especially when he is around. At least he deserves little respect. But search your heart if you are not feeling lust with any of those callers. But since you said there is no special attachment to those calls then try to visit him again and reassure him of your love and also reiterate it to him to know that you really have nothing to do with them as they are ordinary good friends. Better still send him text message since he doesn’t pick your calls, and beg him to at least give you just 3, 5 minutes to talk to him. Wait for his reply, if he replies tell him how unhappy you are since he refused to take or call you. Like I said, reassure him of your love for him and let him know that those calls number he saw on your phone have no special relationship with you. But if he doesn’t reply to your text message(s) you can still buy him two different types of love cards which good love words are inscribed. That’s cards with the words “I always think of you,’ and ‘am yours forever/no one, but you.’ You can equally add anything you know that he likes most to it and present them to him. If he accept them then the rest become history. But if he does not and still not response or calls you that shows clearly that there is more to his keeping distance or not picking your call. Be yourself, and wait for him to come and if he still don’t come back, put it behind you and move on with your life. Good luck!

Can I trust Him Still?


Our relationship is over 2-year and we stayed together for one year before I travelled out of the country. Now I am afraid of my fiancé’s behavior because it is a year now that I left him behind and I still have two more years to complete my mission in the States. I do send him money every month since I left and as well call him. He does call me, too, but to my great surprise friends are telling me of his too much closeness with young women in the neighborhood especially a lady that newly moved to the opposite house. I asked him about this and he said nothing is happening, but more than four times I have overheard the lady’s voice in his apartment late in the night when I called him. On one occasion, this lady told me to talk and if I have nothing to say than asking who is online, I should cut off the call. Still my fiancé is claiming nothing is going on between them. What is happening?


Such is the life of people in love across the ocean. This requires patience to enable you to get to the root of the matter. I mean your personal evidence, still remains some percentages to nail him. Do not listen to the hearsay but just keep their words for record purposes until you are able to get the truth of the matter before you can take a reasonable action against him. Those friends or ladies that are feeding you about his closeness with women might be looking for way and manner to usurp your inamorato from you. Again the lady you heard her voice might truly be stealing the show behind you, but you still need patience to discover the hidden truth. It is obvious that if something like that is going on between your man and any of those ladies he will never say the truth rather he will continue to deny it. So have enough evidence before jumping into conclusion. If possible, you can withdraw from sending him money monthly hence; he is working and sees what will happen. Whatever the case might be, be wise. Good luck!

by Yunus Saliu