Imam Touray Urges Muslims to Celebrate Eidul Adha

Imam Touray Urges Muslims to Celebrate Eidul Adha



The Imam Ratib of Brikama, Alhaji Sankung Touray, on Monday urged Muslims around the world to celebrate the Muslim feast of Eidul Adha, locally known as Tobaski.

He made this remark at the Eid congregation prayer in Brikama during an interview with the Daily Observer.

According to Imam Touray, the importance attached to Tobaski is huge and cannot be overemphasised. “I will use this opportunity to urge Muslims around the world to be celebrating this event as it appears materially on the Muslim calendar. It comes once in a year with blessings of different nature,” he noted.

He added that it’s essential because Allah SWT has fused in means in it to use and have your sins forgiven. “It should be celebrated not only as an important Muslim feast of sacrifice but as well to forgive each other and pay visits to one another as stated by Islam.”

Imam Touray further advised people to avoid selling Eid rams for sacrifice at outrageous prices as it is not a good behaviour of a Muslim. “The increment of prices for ram goes higher every year. People should not consider the aspect of only business but Islam as well. It is necessary for dealers to make it affordable for everyone to be able to acquire it,” he noted.

At that point, he thanked President Jammeh for his immense contribution towards the propagation of Islam in The Gambia, saying he’s a leader with substance that has love for Islam. He as well praised Brikama and its people for celebrating the feast accordingly, saying they are strong supporters of Islam.

Imam Ratib Touray went on to advise elders to inculcate righteousness into the young ones and centre their focuses on Islam. “They need to be told the importance of this feast in order for them to grow with it. As young ones in Islam, they have all the right to know and differentiate the various Muslim festivals and their importance,” he stated.

by Modou Lamin Jammeh