Important Hints For Couple

Important Hints For Couple



Couple of the Week
beauty-of-the-weekThank God it is another blessed day! It is an exciting day for me though I don’t know about you. Well, let’s get down to business and discuss some important things that are vital in the life of couple especially those that are about to get married or recently got married.

Sometimes what we watch on our home videos or movies iS important to our  marriage life. Though some people watch just only for entertainment while some watch just to ‘kill time’ (while away time) like some used to say but it is only few numbers of people that watch to gain knowledge.

Well, in love, if someone actually wanted you in his or her life, that person would actually put some efforts in showing it. These efforts should continue after marriage because some people are very romantic when it comes to dating and in their period of courtship but after marriage they will turn weir. But you have to keep the fire of love burning so that the love will always be with you because we fall in love by chance and it is by choice we stay in it. Because falling in love is only half of what you want but staying in love with who you fall in love   forever is the other and that’s all everyone wants. That is why you need to put more efforts in your marriage life or relationship!

So among the efforts to put into our marriage life, first let’s talk about women as we always centre everything on them and in the other hand it is always ‘women first.’

It is important for you as a woman since you have met your heartthrob to be simple lovely, jovial and put away shyness. Because no matter the age difference between you and your partner the more you say ‘yes’ to each other you become one and nothing to hide from each other anymore. So you have to be friendly, jovial and lovely which is the number one reason you need to be romantic. This will make your man wanting at anytime. The main reason for this is that you should not be shy when it comes to expressing or showing your love to your partner.

We are in the modern world. Like in one of the editions, I discussed modern technology. Yes, nowadays love expression is in the palm of your hand. Let your phone do part of it, send sweet love text messages to your ‘Sweet Darling’ to amuse him and make him feel you, your love and miss him more than you can think about. If you are together at home, fast food joints, beach or so you can still make it more romantic through chatting, sending message and still picture through your phone to each other; that’s the usefulness of Facebook, Viber, Whatssap, Instagram, Hangout, Palmchat, Soma and so on. Discuss what you think about his messages, pictures and laugh together about it. It will thrill him a lot and will always miss you when you are not together. Always chat together when you are free because it is the best way to get closer to each other heart. It is the best way for partner and couple instead of chatting with another man!

To those that are already married, try as much as possible especially if you wake up earlier than your husband, give him a peck while he’s still in bed in the morning and wake him up with a smile and romantic words that will make him happy and feel like a ‘lover-boy.’ When going to bed at night same thing do not forget to cling to breadth to each other as well to smell each other, hmm, is always sweet! So going to bed and wake up from bed let Mr and Mrs Kiss become your intermediary.

At close of work whoever reaches house first doesn’t matter; though in most cases the woman or wife always reaches house before the man or husband, so always welcome him home with a warm kiss followed by a hug. It is always the same thing you do in the morning because at bedtime also you should give a good night kiss, too.

Sometimes if you are at home or at weekend prepare his best dish, make it a surprise for him. If you know what he likes surprise him with it a common flowers or other gift will do; it is not necessary that they are expensive ones.

At leisure time read books, Bible, Quran, play game, watch movies together and dance for him to make him laugh and in turn ask him to do same. Do this always but not only when you need something from him or money to buy ‘asobi.’ Some men, too, are cunning; they know when you are genuine or playing game with them.

More so, be a good supporter to your partner or husband; support him, advise him, wipe his tears, be grateful to him because it is never easy to be a good man or husband. Be of good behavior and don’t do what you don’t want him to do. As a wife try to understand your partner to know his best mood, his weak point and how you can calm him down and make him happy.

If you are able to do these he will not want or look for alternative woman outside. Believe it or not he will always sing your love in his mouth.

To the men, it is your turn to make your wife happy. It is not only women that should be romantic but a good husband should be more romantic than the wife so that the wife will find it difficult to think of something else.

Make your partner or wife happy and always looking something that will bring excitement. Carry your wife to the bed when she sleeps off in the sitting-room; make her feel like a baby at times. Every woman wants to be treated like a toddler at times, that’s why women behave childish or silly at times.

Learn how to say sorry when you have an argument, it doesn’t matter who is at fault. This will make wife respect their husband and trust him more.

Someone said ‘every brother needs to study at the university of women’ before getting married. Yes, it is good that you as a man should read about women, learn about women, attend their classes then you will see that you will hardly have problem with your partner. That doesn’t mean that you will be problem free because there might still be some emerging problem here and there but you will be able to tackle them with times.

In marriage, one should be a sheep while the other be a goat, two of you should not be a goat or sheep at the same time. Always avoid having problem with your partner sometimes she might just be testing your patience.

As a man learn to ignore some things, don’t be petty. Some men are feminist; Do “hide and seek” with your wife, sing poems for your wife in the garden or inside the house, even if she is teasing you.

Assist her with the house chores, when she is cooking the ‘benechin’, help her to fetch water, when she finish washing the clothes help her to iron them. Do not make her look like your maid. Bathe together, wake her up for prayers, cook together, and teach her how to cook if she doesn’t know how to cook. Cooking is not only a feminine duty.

It should not be work, work, work all the times, play some indoor games with your partner sometimes. Tickle her, scare her at times, call her from work/ school, text her, write “I love you” in a small note and put it under her pillow or in her purse or in her bathroom or in her cosmetics box or inside her cupboard, even in an empty cup inside the fridge. Kiss her always, cuddle her, pamper her and play with her hair. Always tell her, she’s beautiful and that you’re happy to have her as your partner.

All these are part of being romantic…When a woman tells you that you are not romantic, it means you are not doing all these things. It’s not the romance in the bedroom she is talking about. That’s why, you brothers have to study “women’s language” Somebody told me it is a 10-year course. I am trying to  study it too but if you have studied it please send your answer to Lovelines!

But to be a good couple always try to read books on intimacy; one, two stories you read can do the magic.