It’s all over For Bakau in Zonal Competition

It’s all over For Bakau in Zonal Competition




It is all over for Brufut and Bakau Zonal teams after finishing as the bottom two teams in Group B of the 2016 Super Nawettan.

It is the first time that Bakau exit the tournament at the group stages. Sulayman Drammeh’s 20th minute ensured a 1-0 win over Brufut butwas not enough for the team to progress.

In an interview with Observer Sports, the head coach of Bakau, Sainey Sanyang was quite happy for the victory against Brufut despite being eliminated out of the tournament.

“This is the first time in the history of Bakau football to exit at this point in the Super Nawettan but nonetheless I am impressed with their performance and am sure if this was done since in the beginning definitely we would not have been struggling here today. But is not bad we will go back prepared for the next season,” said Sanyang.

For his part, the head coach of Brufut, Alieu Sanneh said it was the worst performance by his team.

“My players’ performance today [against Bakau] was not impressive we will surely go back to the drawing board and work on our mistakes especially on goal scoring side to prepare ourselves for the next competition,” said Sanneh while thanking fans for the support.

by Binta Jammeh & Binta Bah