J-22 Caravan: GPA Tells Its Story

J-22 Caravan: GPA Tells Its Story

As Gambians continue to celebrate the 22nd anniversary of the July 22nd Revolution, The Gambia Ports Authority on Tuesday told its success story on the various developments ushered in by the Revolution.

Speaking to The Gambia Radio and Television Services’ July 22nd Development Caravan team, Lamin L. Sanyang, the Managing Director of GPA, described the Revolution as a blessing for The Gambia. “We are grateful to President Jammeh for the fact that GPA has achieved a lot under his dynamic leadership,” he said.

According to MD Sanyang, the newly inaugurated terminal of GPA, which is named after the 22nd July Revolution, is benefiting the institution in different ways such as the construction of a dedicated container terminal.

Ousman Jobarteh, the Deputy Managing Director of GPA, explained that the new terminal is built in a standard format, saying its efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery is helping them a lot. He added that the capacity of the new terminal accommodates more containers, noting that it would enable GPA to generate more revenue. “We are able to achieve all these through the transformative support of the J-22 Revolution,” he affirmed.

Lamin Touray, GPA Senior Container Terminal Manager for Import, disclosed that the J-22 Terminal has a huge capacity that can accommodate up to 1,600 containers. “Having a modern and standard terminal of this nature is a blessing which came through the J-22 Revolution under the leadership of President Jammeh,” he asserted.

Momodou Sowe, Assistant Secretary General of the Association of Clearing and Forwarding Agents of The Gambia, described GPA as the best in terms of service delivery in the sub-region. “The J-22 Terminal will help us in so many areas of work and as well attract more customers,” he said.

by Modou Lamin Jammeh