J-22 Vanguards: FJC on the Revolution



Fatoumatta Jahumpa Ceesay, widely known as FJC, is the latest of the J-22 vanguards to speak on the Revolution that has ushered in unprecedented development in every sector of the country.

She hailed the President for championing the cause of Gambian youth, women and children and by providing them with the peaceful environment to thrive and contribute meaningfully to national development.

A former Speaker of the National Assembly, FJC, who is now a consultant on gender and children, said the women’s empowerment project launched to ensure free maternal healthcare for every woman has brought about the reduction of maternal and child mortality rates in the country; describing it as a major achievement.

“The promotion and protection of women and child rights as well as the recent ban on child marriage and FGM with not only legislative but stringent penalties against the perpetrators of violence against women are a plus for all especially women,” she affirmed.

FJC added that the Revolution also witnessed the endorsement of many Gambian women at the international arena. “The International Criminal Court’s Chief Prosecutor [is a Gambian] Fatou Bensouda, Julia Dolly Joiner, the first woman to hold the position of Commissioner for Political Affairs at the AU, Nellie Taylor, first woman to be Financial Controller at ECOWAS, Therese Ndong Jatta, Director of UNESCO and my humble self becoming the first female Deputy Speaker of the ECOWAS Parliament and other women holding high positions in the international arena all happened during the J-22 Revolution.”

FJC, who also served as Director of Press under the Office of the President, said the President’s policy on women in agriculture, free girls education and scholarships up to university level, Girls Education Trust Fund and Jammeh Foundation for Peace and the gender parity in education were all registered under the July 22nd Revolution.

“We have witnessed women in decision-making both in government and private sector such as, longest vice president, speakers, deputy speakers of the National Assembly, cabinet ministers, secretaries general, regional governors, judges, mayors and deputy female mayors.”

She said all these women are making significant contributions in socio-economic, cultural, and political development with fair and equal treatment. She added that it has been President Jammeh’s vision to promote policies and programmes that empowered young girls and women irrespective of who they are or where they come from.

FJC noted that the economy has for the past twenty-two years been performing well, adding that there is employment creation in both the public and private sectors.

by Omar Wally


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