J-22 Vanguards: Sanna Bojang on the Revolution

J-22 Vanguards: Sanna Bojang on the Revolution

He has been away from the limelight for years, but former rabble rousing National Mobiliser of the ruling APRC party, Brikama based politician, Sanna Bojang, remains a loyalist.

As a former APRC Divisional Coordinator, Bojang was among the first group of civilians to declare their support to the July 22nd Revolution and led the process to convince President Jammeh to retire from active service to become their presidential candidate for the 1996 elections.

Speaking in an interview with Daily Observer, Bojang recounted the numerous developments that were undertaken during the early days of the Revolution. The most outstanding among them, he said was the Kombo Coastal road project.

“Traveling in Kombo South was a nightmare before the July 22nd takeover; thank God today people are living in Kartong going to work in Banjul, so also is for Gunjur, Tanji, Sanyang and many other villages and towns in Kombo South. Today West Coast Region is boasting of the best and most reliable electricity supply in the whole country,” he said.

“The first projects embarked upon by the APRC government in the West Coast Region were the construction of schools in Kafuta (Middle School), Kalagi and Sulayman Junkung Jammeh Hospital in Bwiam. When the APRC took over the road from Brikama to Jarra Soma was dilapidated; there was nothing there. Even in Sukuta there was no electricity, now good roads are built all over, you can travel all over the night anywhere in Kombo everywhere is bright, there is electricity all over, so we can count and count, we cannot exhaust the developments brought in The Gambia by the APRC government. We cannot afford to forget these landmark developments, we have to talk about them, this is why I said what you people at Daily Observer are doing is good, because we have to have these things documented.”

The July 22nd Revolution, according to him, is worth celebrating because it has achieved a lot by improving the livelihood of the Gambian people, particularly the rural masses. “And as far as we are concerned, the APRC is here to stay, is our party, come December this year you will know what I am talking about; we worked for it. This election, people are talking and they will keep on talking but when time comes the vanguards of the APRC will come come out energised. We are meeting and consulting and we want to consolidate,” he added.

About Sanna Bojang

Sanna Bojang became the general coordinator of the West Coast Region for the July 22nd Movement from 1994 to 1998. He served as the APRC National Mobiliser for four years until he was replaced by Yankuba Touray.

“The July 22nd Movement was a vanguard Revolutionary Movement; I mobilised my people in the West Coast Region as the first group to approach His Excellency the President to declare our intention to adopt him as Presidential candidate,” he said, adding that the vanguards are part and parcel of the July 22nd Revolution and will continue to be part of it.

“We [vanguards] will never join any other political party in this country, we decided on that and we live by it and will die by it. We are vanguard revolutionaries, together we stand, divided we fall, that is why some of us do not still relent in our support to the young people,” he added.

by Musa Ndow